Home Discussion Forum Is there any way to unblock my psychic powers?

Is there any way to unblock my psychic powers?

Ever since I started having this one teacher my pschic powers are being blocked. Any Help?


  1. there are no blocks to psychic powers not brought out than things other than ones unbeliefTo open you more in psy would be to open yourself in spiritual aspects and away from the physical day to day ones. Always if blocks appear, look at what is in your life that you may be blocking them with, stress, inin-beliefn self or them etc… Also practice and gather with like minded people, this too will open the gifts

  2. You have to allow yourself to relax. There must be something about your teacher that is making your Third Eye tense up. Is this all the time or just in the teacher’s lessons?
    I would recommend meditation outside of school. This will really help you open your third eye again.


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