Is there any way to tell the difference in spirits & ghosts & someone astral travelling ?

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I know that a lot of people can astral travel now…and I know they can fool you and make you think they are ghosts or spirits. Also, how can you tell the difference in spirits & ghosts?
seer..Thanks! That makes sense to me!

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Sugar cane, oak trees, wombats, dogs, and giant pandas all belong to the category of beings for which there is known evidence.
The tooth fairy, Father Christmas, ghosts, evil spirits, vampires, fairies, poltergeists, and hobgoblins all belong to a category of fictional beings invented for the delight of children and some adults. There is no evidence for the existence of any of the items in this category.

Jack P

People astral traveling are easy to spot from out there. No mistaking them. Usually they’re following one another around trying to figure out what’s going on. The one’s you don’t see are off doing other things as individuals or piling up.
From the ‘reality’ side I think they’re probably the explanation for a lot of ghostings and almost all the incubus/succabus experiences people have. Probably a person can assume that last part, and if it’s soul travelers doing the ghostings they won’t keep it up for any time at all.

Scars Flowers

When you do an astral travel you separate your spirit from your body so you are a spirit in an astral travel.


As far as know, I have never travelled astrally speaking so I cannot help you there…but I can help you with spirits and ghost.
The easiest way to tell is to know the difference. Ghost do not float. They walk just like we do (even on the same plane) and they look like they did in life. A spirit is different. It is only here in visitation. It has no more earthly deformaties and it hovers about 2 1/2 to 3ft off the ground. It can go and come as it pleases where a ghost is earthbound.
Hope that helps!

the lochness monster

not that i know of


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