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Is there any way to prevent a tension/migraine type headache caused by using a computer or a mobile phone?

A friend of mine who is in her 60’s recently bought a laptop and is desperate to be able to use it – however, she has found that using it for any length of time is making her feel ill. For some time, she has found that reading a book or using a mobile gives her a “heavy feeling” across the top of her head, over her brow, and pain behind the eyes. She also starts to feel lethargic, sleepy and sometimes a little nauseous. This can last for days at a time , and has started occurring anytime she uses the laptop.

She does wear glasses but an optician checked her vision and her lenses and all appears fine. Her GP referred her for an MRI scan, but it showed nothing abnormal.

Painkillers don’t help, and she has tried all manner of alternative therapies, from crystal healing to reflexology, but nothing seems to help. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there any way around it? It would make such a difference to her to be able to use the laptop.