is there any way to be less scared of astral travel?

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i really want to do it, but i need to make it easy and comfortable for me as possible. im ready to try but just kind of scared of what to expect. im afraid i’ll see something scary. what can i expect?

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For me, it was easy to do the first time, but a lot of people need the proper tools. If you don’t know what they are, many astral projection sites will give you a list.
Not everyone’s experience will be the same. For me, I have to leave a “guard” behind to look over my body while I am away. I learned about astral projection in spiritual terms, so leaving a guard behind makes me feel safer. Some religions believe that a body left behind can be entered by another drifting soul or spirit, which is why I never leave my physical body alone. At first, you should stay within your familiar realm, until you get more confident. Basically, you can control your projection experience. I’ve never had the occasion where I see something scary because I control where I go and what I do.
Some people simply can’t do it, and things such as skepticism or fear will hinder you, so if you’re afraid, don’t bother trying because you most likely won’t be able to do it.
I use relaxation/meditation techniques to go into an astral state, which means lying in a dark room that I’ve burned specific incense or oil in, depending on where I am planning to go (my intent). This makes my muscles relax, and then my mind, so I am at ease. When I start leaving my body, I feel a tingling sensation in my extremeties, almost like my fingers and toes are going to sleep. Once I am floating above my physical body, I feel nothing physically, and have learned to shift my form into things that help me get around faster…such as a bird.
Some say that you are just dreaming or have really good visualization skills. This may be true because when I return, I have a very calm feeling.
It doesn’t have to be scary, if you educate yourself on the many aspects. Don’t expect just one article or book to give you every answer. The more you read and talk to people who have done this, the more likely you are to make an informed decision as to whether or not you still want to try it. The more you know, the more confidence you will gain that you are ready, or not ready, to give it a try.

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Sure. Realize you aren’t doing it and it won’t scare you.

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Sure. Realize you aren’t doing it and it won’t scare you.


I am having the opposite concerns. I think people are astral projecting to me. My cat did it earlier today. She was as clear as day for a split second. So I went to the door and sure enough she was there just begging to get in. And it’s that same familiar feeling I get all the time which makes me feel very exposed.
I am certain people or someone has been projecting to me for a long time. It makes me feel exposed like they’re aware of everything about me.


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