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Is there any way other than meditation to magnify psychic and medium skills?

I may be young but I have ALWAYS been interested in psychics and mediums. I can already feel the presence I’d just like to magnify it.
I may be young but I have ALWAYS been interested in psychics and mediums. I’m an empath and I can feel the presence of spirits. I’d just like to magnify these skills


  • That is great to be interested in those areas. There is so much that can be done to enhance your skills. For example Mind and body need to be in sync, so eat well and exercises. you also can use the power of crystals, I recommend getting a book on that as well as Candles. each candle colour can have an effect on the spiritual presence. Quiji are a great way of developing you skills if done daily and done in a safe context. Tarot cards are my favourite. Good luck and have fun exploring.

  • It is by practice that one masters these skills. Learn as you may, yet understand, there are many mysteries in the life.

    Child of Light

  • “Psychic and medium skills” cannot be ‘magnified’ because they are non-existent;

    Want proof? A million bucks has been sitting waiting at the James Randi Educational Foundation for the taking by ANYONE who can demonstrate ANYTHING ‘supernatural’ for so long now that (even though it is invested very conservatively) it has grown to $1.14M

    Psychics & mediums are frauds, sometimes harmless, but mostly huxsters…

  • Meditation is not meant for laymen, it does not a path to magnifying psychic and medium skill. Seek the pro(S) for assistance, advise and info.

  • So, you WANT to be a fraud?
    That is what so-called “psychics” and “mediums” are you know…

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