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Is there any truth to the Tarot cards?

I’ve often wonder if there was any truth to the tarot card readings. Is it a bunch of crap? How do you know if the person giving you the readings is telling the truth?


  1. They can work and tell you a lot of things. The problem is the power behind it. Stay far away from those things and trust in God.
    ~Ex Witch~

  2. *drink*
    I have had very good results with The Witches Tarot and also Rider-Waite decks. The reading is only as good as the reader, however. You can meet the reader first and see what you think of her “vibe” if you are good at reading energies. If not, you’ll have to give him/her a test run, lol.
    Geez, not another thumping “ex-witch”.

  3. Having your cards read is great fun. It really is. But it is irrational to believe that a deck of cards can foretell the future, no matter who is doing the reading.

  4. It depends upon the skill of the person reading. Some readers are very talented. Some readers are full of crap.
    It’s very useful to learn to read your own cards. The Rider-Waite deck is the class, a good deck to start with.

  5. When I used them they told me alot of things however that is spirtism you are dealing with demons and by doing so you are inviting them in to your house and God out of it.
    Plus they cannot help you only Jehovah God can help you when you are afraid or uncertain and in these trying difficult times we need guidance and protection more then ever.
    Instead of looking at tarot cards for answers I invite you to look to the bible and get a free bible study that will really help you.
    Is the ocult harmful

  6. There are definite interpretations for each card in a standard Tarot deck, so an ethical person should give you a reading predicated upon the cards which manifest in the spread. Also, the positions of the cards in the spread employed are intended to determine certain aspects of the questioner’s life. Therefore, indeed the reading should conform to the interpretations of the cards and the criteria for their positions in the spread. Whether or not the cards are able to predict the future is quite open to dubiousness! I studied the Tarot extensively with Builders of the Adytum, an esoteric Mystery School, in which the Major Arcana were predominently employed as a meditational device rather than as a prophetic instrument.

  7. A lot of people say they predict your future. But I prefer to see them as a tool that helps you to figure out what you want. You know those online personality tests? I like to compare tarot to those. The cards all mean something. The cards you end up with in your reading all have meanings and interpretations, much like the answers you select in personality tests. Those meanings and interpretations help you to figure out what you should do next in your life. It’s more of a psychological thing for me than a “magical”, “psychic” thing

  8. Well, it is hard to take them very seriously for a number of reasons. First of all, there is the physical aspect – it is pieces of card and ink when you think about it. They seem special because of the pictures but there is a story behind those.
    Tarot cards are actually playing cards, they were created in the mid 15th century by adding a fifth suit of picture cards to what was the standard Latin suited pack of playing cards. These new cards took as their theme, not an occult philosophy or magical symbols but a Christian triumph procession, hence their early name, trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. It was the invention of tarot that marked the introduction of trumps into card games.
    Certainly, some of the images look mysterious to us now but that is because we are looking at them with modern eyes. Looked at in context of the art of 15th century Italy, they are nothing special. Lets look at a couple of popular examples. The Female Pope, re-named High Priestess by occultists, looks heretical now but at the time it was a common figure in Christian art, used by artists to symbolize things such as the New Covenant or the Virtue of Faith. Another is the Hanged Man, misnamed by French card makers, it has puzzled many and been given numerous occult interpretations. However, in Italy it was known as the Traitor – and that’s how the executed traitors, hung upside down and left to die slowly and publically. This is why, contrary to popular myth, the church never objected to the cards and they were able to spread throughout continental Europe and at one time become the most popular for of card game.
    For 350 years, tarot cards were only used for playing card games. It was not until the very end of the 18th century that a French occultist invented an occult origin and suggested a divinatory use. For 100 years, these beliefs were limited to France, at the end of the 19th century, British occultists began to import the cards and use them in their own beliefs. These days, English speakers only really know them for the occult myths but the games are still played throughout Europe.
    So, there is nothing special about tarot cards and fortune telling with them is no different in kind from using dominoes, tea leaves, chicken entrails, or knuckle bones. Hard to take seriously in that context!
    However, there are more reasons to doubt. Can we really have knowledge of the future? The idea of such knowledge involves reverse causation and as such it meets the same logical objections that philosophy and science both level against time-travel, it gives rise to the same paradox’s and as such is again, hard to take seriously.
    Some fortune tellers use a technique called cold reading to get you to unwittingly give away information about yourself that they then feed back to you to impressive effect. Others may actually believe they have special powers or that the cards do – they will make predictions that are general enough for you to read in your own experiences and so they can seem effective.

  9. I use mine as a personal meditation tool. I do not read for others and I don’t ask others to read for me.
    IMHO you need gypsy blood to do a correct “truthful”reading and there aren’t too many people outside of Europe with that qualification.


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