Home Discussion Forum Is there any tai chi places in the Ames, IA region?

Is there any tai chi places in the Ames, IA region?

I have a very busy schedule to begin with and would like to know theirs if you know it. Also if I have to make every signal session or not. Thanks cC =


  1. U should probably check google for schools and instructors in ur area. Ull have to check them all out because there are alot of frauds out there that have no idea what Tai Chi is about and prey on people who dont know any better. Most schools and instructors do offer private lessons but in the end itll be up to u to find the time to practice it. Good luck

  2. iowa state might offer a class. alot colleges offer tai chi classes.
    Tai chi is not a fighting martial art. its a bunch of movements and steps a kind of meditation. You can buy a dvd and and practice in your living room. the first class you take will be about mastering the first 12 steps so you can just get a dvd to fit it in your busy schedule.


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