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is there any special colour or material for a pendulum used for dowsing and devining?

I heard somewhere that a certain colour should be used to block out negative energies.


  1. There are lots of different beliefs – some crystals seem to be much better for certain tasks and some people just find a particular material suits them better.
    The best crystal for grounding & blocking though is haematite – a good crystal to start with maybe.

  2. i know black (and obsidian) absorbs negative – you know the saying, negative attracts negative – if you are trying to expunge it, i’d recommend onyx or obsidian and black color – gold seems to be a natural repellent, it has a lot of latent energy

  3. if you are looking for natural things like water, green is given a slight preference but to be honest most wicca find the colour/item (i.e. green and stone, or brown and wood) that “resonates” the best with themselves.

  4. Iremember reading a fascinating book on dowsing. Ithink it was called esp. Anyway, the author tuned his pendulum to different lengths depending on what he was trying to locate. Sorry I’ve forgotten his name. I got it in a charity shop.


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