Is there any situation in your life, so fraught with misunderstanding on both sides?

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that it would take an examination of the Akashic Record to untangle it?

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as a kid didn”t you ever fight over a cats eye marble


Umm sorry hun. I love my life and the people in it, especially the love of my life!!

I'll Always Choose Love

Yes I am currently in a situation like that right now. It is absolutely the worst thing ever. I wish I could turn back time and reverse all of it. There are so many misinterpretations and assumptions that it is ridiculous. Ultimately it is due to poor communication but at this point I don’t even know if it reversible, and is it even worth it? The worst part is that the other person thinks I’m someone that I’m not and I hate that. Someone hates me, yet he doesn’t even really know who I truly am. Every choice I make is for him, but it’s never the choice he would make himself, and therefore it’s wrong. I am so lost. It never ends and there is no way out. I cannot escape him.


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