Is there any sites that can teach me or show me how to draw tarot cards?





Is there any sites that can teach me or show me how to draw tarot cards? I don’t want to buy anything though! I just want to DIY make my own. Help me please?!?


  1. I agree with the previous person who answered. You need to do some research on them. I know on sites like and, many artists have made their own versions of these magical cards. Each one has special meaning within. I’d suggest researching the cards first, or even going out and buying your own deck with the instruction manual. It can be of immense help if you want to get a good size for them, and have the guide with you as you work on them.

  2. what a cool idea. well you may just want to bring them up individually say like the magician card, an draw it out adding your own touch. but dont change it very much unless you know what your doing because if you dont know how to read tarot cards you might mess it up, cause i know the cards are balenced a certain way design wise composition an everything to mean certain things. but anyway just research all the cards an bring them up individually an look at them an draw them, just take your time

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