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Is there any short term meditation technique used to replace the 8 hours of needed sleep ?

I cannot remember where I heard it, if it was TV, Friend or Article, but they were describing a Meditation Technique where you meditate for 2 hours, and your body is revitalized as if it just had 8 hours of sleep.


  1. That technique is complete bullcrap. Scientists don’t know all too much about sleep, how it happens, or why you need it.
    No there is no meditation, medication, or therapy for it.
    There are techniques to REDUCE the amount of sleep you need slightly. Meditating an hour in one technique (Allegedly) reduces your need for sleep by two the following sleep session.
    Don’t buy into all that meditation hype.

  2. there is no real quick fix for lack of sleep that i know of nor make up sleep but if you remember or get a answer that says yes there is and how shoot it to me please that would be much a blessing for me! thanks

  3. No. If there was I would do it because I hate sleeping, I think it is such a waste of time. I wish I could take a pill and it have the exact same affects as sleep. That’s 8 hours I could be doing something!

  4. This may be possible for a very experienced and highly realized practitioner, but something like that would take many, many years of practice.
    Better to meditate for the gaining of compassion and wisdom, and sleeping for the gaining of bodily refreshment.


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