Is there any scientific proof that consciousness exists?






  1. Excellent question. And the issue is, not only existence, but existence that is not reducible to anything else–i.e, matter. Because your average scientist will say it exists, but that it is a product of the brain.
    But philosophically, it is beyond question that consciousness exists in its own right, because consciousness is nothing else but subjectivity–the mind. And anyone who considers the issue philosophically at all will have to admit this fact: there is no such thing as one of a pair of opposites without the other of the pair. So there is no such thing as objectivity without subjectivity that is equally real and irreducible. And scientists want to reduce the entire universe to objective matter or processes; through its history science has assumed that subjectivity is not real. Just considering it in this very simple light we can see that cannot possibly be true.
    But the West is stuck in this perspective, that the mind isn’t really real. And that is because the Western mind has become split in two–the left-brain, objective, rational, logical side, and the right-brain, subjective, feeling, intuitive side. And we are stuck in the left-brain side, so we can only really experience the objective aspect of ourselves and the world. And thus scientists, who are for the most part even more left-brained then the average person, start with the assumption that the mind, the subjective aspect of life, is not real. And it IS an assumption–even though science is supposed to be assumptionless.
    Now, it seems I have heard something or other about certain things, certain findings at the atomic or sub-atomic level, which may provide evidence that consciousness is real–it’s just something someone mentioned to me once a long time ago and I really know nothing about it–but if it’s so, probably only small number of scientists have paid attention to it and seen it for what it is, and they are probably the ones who are already more aware of the truth of this issue. I would doubt that scientific evidence alone is going to change people’s minds on this one. BUT, it isn’t necessary, because once people start to REALLY EXPERIENCE the other part of their minds, the right-brain side, the assumption that consciousness isn’t real is going to change.

  2. Is there any scientific proof that we are humans?
    For proof you need something you can put you hands on? And if so, can you touch the electrons inside a wire that transports electricity? No, you can’t, but you notice the outcome ( I mean the light from a light bulb for example.)
    Almost same with consciousness.
    That’s as scientific as it gets to proving it exists. And we are all aware of it more or less.

  3. I think therefore I am. …………………………………… I think?
    Whats wrong with people with the thumbs down, get a sense of humor. I hate those thumbs, some people on here get power happy and act like they’re Caesar.
    But, in all seriousness, Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am. That isn’t proof of consciousness? I know Rene Descartes used it to prove whether or not he exists. And, that is in and of itself proof that he does exist. But, it can also be used for proof of consciousness. I just added the extra I think to be silly.

  4. is there? Maybe were all living a huge lie, or we are robots and we don’t know what conciousness is, but we were programed to believe we have it…

  5. I am unaware of any possible way to prove consciousness exists scientifically.
    We know consciousness exists from our subjective awareness. And in fact, consciousness not only seems to be outside the realm of empirical reality, empirical reality is in some sense a sub-set of conscious experience.

  6. This is a good question. Their is no way to prove it. This whole thing could be fake but because we were born into it we believe it to be real because it is the only world we know of.

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