Home Discussion Forum is there any scientific explanation for esp, astral projection, or telekinesis?

is there any scientific explanation for esp, astral projection, or telekinesis?


  1. The problem is that there is no concrete evidence that these things exist. Magician James Randi has offered a prize of a million dollars to anyone who can demonstrate paranormal abilities. No-one has claimed it.
    Trying to think of an explanation for something that may not exist is not the way science usually operates.

  2. None. It is based on Eastern mind religions like Buddhism and have no scientific basis.
    Some Christian thinkers believe that they are ways to open your mind to the Adversary and his minions. They are CERTAINLY not advocated by Christ and the Bible.

  3. ESP and astral projection might also have something to do with blood flow between the brain halves. So they don’t really exist, but people think they do, because their brain lies to them.
    Same with deja vu.

  4. If anyone could demonstrate any of those abilities, we’d study it and find a way to explain it. But since no one has ever been able to demonstrate that any of those ‘powers’ exist, there’s no reason to try to come up with an explanation for it.
    String theory has NOTHING to do with it. The extra dimensions we talk about in string theory are spacial dimensions curled up inside our own – you’re already in them, they aren’t some place you can go that’s filled with monsters. Reality isn’t like Buffy.

  5. The only one which might have some truth hidden inside is ESP. We observe animal behaviors which demonstrate abilities humans don’t have. Birds and bees navigating, perhaps by sensing earth’s magnetic field. Detailed homing instincts of salmon, which return to the exact location of their birth to spawn. This indicates a biological sensory facility humans don’t use. They might be examples of capabilities which fade away if they are not used, such as fish which lose their ability to see after spending several generations in the deep ocean. Of course, this does not justify calling wild imaginations a gift. A true sensory faculty can be tested and verified. And none of them have anything to do with string theory.

  6. The quantum entanglement action at a distance effect is a promising basis for these. Via reliable and replicable scientific procedure, two electrons can be informatically linked in such a way that changes to one instantaneously affect the other, regardless of distance apart. I think I’m right in saying there are already developed cryptographic transmission systems out there relying on this telepathy / telekinesis between electrons.
    A more general conceptual foundation developed by physicists Pribram and Bohm is the implicate/explicate order, which effectively suggests the observable universe is just a picture on 3D telly, part of something far more encompassing that can change the so-called “rules of the picture” as easily as switching channels.


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