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Is there any religious tolerance?

So many people here answer questions with the typical response, “Because Jesus is the only way and without him you will be eternally damned.”
Uh…. what if you’re wrong?
I’m not trying to say “stop being a Christian,” but what I am saying is when you are in an open forum, can’t you show a little respect to everyone else here and not speak as though your religion is an absolute truth? Just because you believe it doesn’t mean it’s a fact, just the same as just because I’m practicing neo-shamanism doesn’t mean that I’m correct.
I guess my real question is, why do some of you people have to act as though your belief is the absolute truth instead of trying a statement like “I believe in…” or “My beliefs are that….” ?
I think my question is being taken out of context. Okay, I know that Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven, but that is only according to Christianity. Judaism and other such religions don’t agree with you. But I see when they ask questions they all get the “Jesus Christ is the only way” argument. My problem isn’t what your belief is, its that some Christians seem to like to force their beliefs on other people with the argument “I am right and i speak the absolute truth.”
Why can’t there be a little tolerance to the other religions who disagree with Christianity? I don’t agree with you guys but you won’t find me on a Christian post saying “The Earth Mother is angry with you. She will devour your souls in the afterlife.” Just the same, I expect the respect that when I ask a question, I won’t get someone telling me “Jesus Christ is the only way. Without him you are going to hell.”


  1. Sorry I know I’m not wrong, because my Bible tells me so =o)
    I don’t consider me saying “Jesus is the only way” is being inconsiderate. I’m posting “what I believe in”
    When you post a question directed at the Christians, you will get a religious response.
    Oh and BTW – Jesus Christ is the ONLY way!

  2. If someone’s asking a question about Christianity, wouldn’t you expect a Christian to answer? And if that person doesn’t answer like they really & truly believe, do you think that helps the person who’s asking?

  3. So, you think that if some people on this forum think that 2+2=5 then we should not point out their error??
    Jesus IS the only way to Heaven, so there is absolutely no way we should water that truth down either.

  4. The actual definition of tolerance is disagreeing with someone but respecting them despite that disagreement.
    Tolerance is NOT just saying, everyone should believe what they want.
    If two ideas are contradictory, then 1 or both are wrong. Therefore, since Christianity says it is the only way to God, either it is right and every other faith is wrong, or it is wrong and one or more of the others is right. Saying so is not being intolerant, it’s only intolerant if you say so in an intentionally insulting way.
    Of course I think other religions are wrong, if I didn’t I wouldn’t believe in Christianity. I do, however, respect the fact that others disagree with me and am happy to discuss those disagreements.

  5. Tolerance is always quieter than intolerance. An intolerant person will always have more opinions. That is what intolerance is… Me right, you wrong. WAR is an acronym for We Are Right!
    Tolerance has no need nor desire to join the chaotic fray. You might be surprised at how many of us there are. We are the ones who quietly surf on past the intolerant questions and silently walk away from the loud debates.


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