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Is there any religion that combines the Christian religion but the buddha practicing?

As in you believe in God but do the certain things buddhists do?
This is serious. Please answer in all seriousness.


  1. yeah its called useless—-Christianity is its own, you dont follow anyone but Christ, you cant add to nor detract from…

  2. No, but you don’t have to belong to an organized religion. Just believe what you believe and worship however you want. If that means staying christian or leaving the church, do whatever you feel comfortable doing. How about checking out the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? RAmen

  3. In all seriousness, if you believe in God, you follow what He has already given in His Word, the Bible, in which He says Christ is the only way to life in Him. Adding Buddhism to this would contradict what He has already established as the only Way.

  4. Looking for a new flock?
    Personally having never been “religous” I find that practicing my faith independent is much more comforting. I believe most religions are generally on the right track of providing moral guidelines, but at some point you have to do what you feel is right.
    Following any scripture blindly has just caused so many problems in the world, that it just doesn’t seem right to me!

  5. there is a book
    you will like it
    very much
    “jesus and buddha-the parallel sayings”
    marcus borg
    your spiritual growth has little((if nothing)) to do with religion
    allow your soul to be the natural truth seeker it is
    allow it to lead you to all your spiritual truths
    you will find as many in christianity
    as you will find in buddhism
    or any other religion
    and thats ok

  6. Many Christians practice the teachings of the Buddha. They aren’t much different from the teachings of Jesus, as far as the precepts and the Eightfold Path, its just that the Buddha had more time on Earth to elaborate. Many books are published which compare both the historic Buddha and Jesus, and that compare the sayings and teachings.
    “Living Buddha, Living Christ” Thich Nhat Hahn
    “Jesus and Buddha, the Parallel Sayings” compiled by Marcus Borg

  7. The Buddhist practice a belief that each person has to find the 8 right “places” or “positions” in their life. It rejects that idea that those places are given or designed by any god.
    Christianity teaches that a person only finds their fulfillment and worth through total surrender to God will and purpose for their lives.
    It would be almost impossible to find two more opposite philosophies in life.

  8. Most people would think that there could hardly be any two religions more different from each other than the Roman Catholic Church of the West and Buddhism of the East. However, what do we see when we put aside the differences that could be attributed to language and culture? If we are objective about it, we have to admit that there is a great deal that the two have in common. Both Catholicism and Buddhism are steeped in rituals and ceremonies. These include the use of candles, incense, holy water, the rosary, images of saints, chants and prayer books, even the sign of the cross. Both religions maintain institutions of monks and nuns and are noted for celibacy of priests, special garb, holy days, special foods. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it serves to illustrate the point The Catholic church has absorbed every religion that it ever came in contact with and so you could be a Buddhist and fit right in.

  9. if you have Buddhism, you don’t need Christianity…
    However on a more serious note, as Buddhism is a philosophy and Buddha is not a god, you can feel free to follow the teachings/practices related to Buddhism without giving up your religious identity as a christian.

  10. Honorable Elijah Muhammad through Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us
    there is no birth record to Islam; Islam is older than the Sun, Moon and Stars. Islam did not originate with Prophet Muhammad of Arabia, nearly fourteen hundred (1400) years ago (Peace Be Upon Him). Islam did not originate with the Holy Qur’an. Islam did not originate with the teachings of Moses or the teachings of Abraham. Islam was before Abraham inludes Buddha. Islam was before the Sun, Moon and Stars. What is Islam? Islam is the Nature of God Himself- We are born out of the very Nature of God.
    God formed Himself–not from a mother, but out of the dark womb of space and said before there was Sun, there was a Woman. The Holy Qur’an teaches, “From a single essence, He created the male and the female and from them, many men and women thta include the Bible.” The “single essence” is God Himself. The Woman is made after the womb out of which God created Himself First, and in the Woman is the Secret of God, She is ( Second Self of God ), Woman of God – thats how Human Beings came into Existence
    Bible and Quran teaches that God raise prophets or messager , in every nation and taught same Truth Oneness of God. Look at the word every or all !
    God is The Author of all diversity. He created diversity. He didn’t want us all to look the same. He didn’t want us all to be the same, but there was a common thread that He put in all so that all, one day, could become one even as He is one. I would like to quote a few scriptures from the Qur’an and the Bible to talk about this oneness.I n the Qur’an, (God) says, “I created you from a single essence and I created your mate (female) of the same essence and from these two, I have spread many men and women.” So, in the deepest sense of the word, I am your Brother and you are my Sister, not because I said so, but because God made it so, understanding is the Key of others.
    What is the root of the tribes? What is the root of the families? What is the root of the nations? The root goes back to One, so don’t get carried away with your differences, because God created us in tribes and families that we may know one another. (God) did this. How dare us take our differences that (God) created to exalt ourselves one above the other? How dare us take our differences in biology to exalt one above the other? When we understand God’s purpose in creating us with this diversity, then out of that diversity can come The Divine UnityIn our universe there is a sun with her family of nine planets. The scientists are beginning to say that there is life out there in other spheres.
    Elijah Muhammad taught us for years that all of the planets in this circle have life on them. The beautiful thing about these planets is that all of them have different colors and all of them have different water. All of them have a different atmosphere, but the source of their life is from one sun that gives them life, light and energy, causing each planet to spin and to be attracted into an independent orbit so that no planet will collide with the other. They are different, but they are one. They are different, but they are a part of one universe. They are different, but they function from one law
    There cannot be a new world except that there is a new and better understanding of the female, which will give us (men) a clearer understanding of self and above all, a clearer understanding of (God). In the Bible, (God) declares, “Behold I make all things new.
    What is (God’s) view of the female? She is the manifestation of His attribute of mercy to the world. She is undeserved kindness to us, for, through her we are extended through the generations. It is only through her that we live again, and again, and again. It is only through her that we continue to move toward the true perfection that (God) desires for His creation. She is the cornerstone of the family and therefore is critical in the whole process of nation and world building.
    Since, the womb of our mother is sacred, then, this teaches us that the womb of every female is also sacred, for it is from her womb that all the Scientists, Prophets, Sages, Messengers, Kings, Rulers and Gods have come and will come.
    In the Bible, St. John, Chapter 10, verse 9, Jesus says, “I am the door: By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” Jesus is to (God) as the passageway to the womb. Jesus is the Eternal Door to (God). Therefore, as Jesus is sacred so is the passageway to the womb also sacred, because it is the eternal door to the (womb)

  11. yes you be a christian but apply some of the teachings on meditation and loving kindness to fit Christianity . Use the stuff that makes sense and fits. Me= Tibetan Buddhist my boyfriend= Tibetan Buddhist Lama and ex monk My friend/roomie= born again christian
    My friend who is Christian was having a difficult time and my boyfriend who is a Lama gave her Buddhist teachings but in a way she could apply them to her own beliefs. i.e. he recommended that she meditate and visualize a picture of Jesus that inspired a lot of love and kindness within her, Many books I have read by Buddhists including the Dalai Lama even say if you are a Christian don’t convert just use this to make you a better Christian. Thich Nat Hahn is a wonderful author in this way!

  12. Of course you can.
    There are thousands of Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, all around the world, who use certain Buddhist practices while still fully keeping their Christian faith. In fact, many even say Zen meditation and other Buddhist practices actually was what made them find and understand Christianity. There are also many, many Christian priests, monks, nuns and lay people who study and teach Buddhist meditation techniques, give meditation and zen classes in their parishes, convents and monasteries, and so on.
    I suggest you read up on this, for example here:
    If you want more inspiration, I can recommend you read something by Thomas Merton or the Dalai Lama. Thomas Merton was a very famous American Catholic monk that became more and more interested in and inspired by Eastern teachings, but still his entire stayed faithful as a Christian. In his last year he travelled in Asia, studied with several Buddhist masters, became friends with the Dalai Lama, and finally died unexpectedly in a silly bathroom accident. His “Asian Journal” in a very inspiring read, as are many of his other books: http://www.amazon.com/Asian-Journal-Thomas-Merton-Directions/dp/0811205703/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1250946910&sr=1-1
    The Dalai Lama has been invited several times to Christian conferences to actually give his own interpretations of chosen texts from the New Testament, like the Sermon of the Mount. The result has been published in book form, and makes a great read for both Buddhists and Christians: http://www.amazon.com/Good-Heart-Buddhist-Perspective-Teachings/dp/0861711386/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1250947097&sr=1-9
    Finally, I want to share a quotation by the Dalai Lama:
    “Don’t use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist, use it to be a better-what-ever-you-already-are”.


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