Is there any relation between dreams and real life and telepathy?

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The questions says it all. I sometimes have some sort of dreams I rarely have. Why is it so? Sometimes, there are dreams that have no connection to daily life.
So, please answer my main question

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little big mama

I have ask myself the same question many times and like you I have not reached any logical conclusion.


I think our dreams are always connected to real life because our dreams ARE US, expressing without analytical thought. Even our squirrely dreams are just our mind at rest, like a computer, running through random files.
Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, so it stands to reason that our dreams won’t make a lot sense an awful lot of the time either.
Yet, sometimes, I think dreams can be telepathic in the sense that our minds are at rest and able to express more freely, without conscious interference.
Again, some things are significant, some things aren’t. They’re your dreams, they might be really important and mean something to you while to others they wouldn’t. It’s an individual interpretation for the most part. Others can help you understand what some ‘types of dreams’ represent perhaps, but how you place importance on your own dreams is really up to you.


By telepathy I take it that you mean a dream of something that happens in the future rather than a dream that connects you with the mind of another. Maybe the info in this link will make sense to you?


To be honest your answears are 50/50 right, they are us but they arent.

I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which you say it.


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