is there any reason why i cant start my own religion, am i any less qualified than abraham, buddha or mohammed?

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I have had what i would consider some serious revelations through my dreams/hypnagogic state/meditations but i dont feel they are necessarily to be shared and followed by others regardless of how much sense i think they make, why is this any different from the great prophets?

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Noki Slovlaklovich

Are you a science fiction writer?
I thought not.

Dramatic Prairie Dog[atheist]ASU

I don’t see why you couldn’t. But just don’t forget to keep an eye on Londo. You know how he likes to employ shadows to get what he wants. He might try to take it from you.


Can you perform cool magic tricks?

Chairman Meow

If you started a B5 religion, I’d join.


No reason not to ,but do you have the charisma to get people to follow you just by the power of speech?


Any one can
you need to be able to have convincing Evidence or interest for who decides to follow you and continuous innovative and creativity to keep them interested to following you.
and if you happen to upset the God of this universe by what you are doing and decides to pay you in this life then be courageous to take up the consequences


well all you need to do is a)miracle , b)write a amazing detailed book on life;your own, c) prove your ideas and revelations and theories or beliefs
should i go on?


Whatever it is you will find it has already been started by someone else.


Of course you can. Btw you left out L.Ron Hubbard.


yes you could but it would probablyy be regarded as a cult and it would be unlikely that anyone would follow it as a widespread religion due to the patheticscepticismm of our society (yet our optimism with theweatherr appears to be unfaltering)

Vlad III the Impaler

I agree .. why not!
I’ll believe anything!


There is no reason you can`t start your own religion.Look at the Scientologists ,that was one man L Ron Hubbard and look at it now.


They are all doing it you may struggle at first there is a lot of apathy around now


Each of us have to find enlightenment on our own. We can have guidance and instructions but ultimately it is an individual experience. What works for one person will not work for others. Which is why religions are not fit for the purpose of teaching enlightenment, they are too rigidly dogmatic and all up one ally.
My students find me, not the other way around. Although I do not class myself as a teacher and often the roles are reversed. We all learn from each other. 🙂


How do you become powerful to do magick?

How can you manipulate energy in order to get what you want?

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