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Is there any real proof of telepathy?Telekinesis?


    • the CIA actually inadvertently proved the existence of esp telekinesis ect: while experimenting mind control (MKULTRA) due to parts of the psyche not willing to be broken down in order to be re-programed during the process involving personalty submission

  1. No. There has been some people who put on wonderful shows, but when put to a real test they didn’t come through. The CIA and other government agency’s have spent a K-Zillion
    dollars trying to get any type of ESP to prove out but it hasn’t as yet happened
    Good Luck and the force be with you!

  2. I have spent many hours pondering at that question myself. In the end I have always come to the conclusion that we will never really know unless we try to learn it. Good luck with it and let me know how it goes im very interested in it!

  3. No. The US gov’t has indeed investigated it in the past, but they will be the first to admit it didn’t work. There was nothing to it, and they won’t waste their money or time on it anymore.
    If anyone disagrees, they are welcome to prove they have powers. This guy will give you a million bucks for a quick demo, and I’ll trust his test. http://www.randi.org

  4. There is ZERO 0, zero, nill nada NONE what so ever proof of such things. Many have claim but when put in a control experiment by skeptics they all fail miserably. You simply don’t have those powers because there is no need for them. Evolution takes the easiest most efficient path. So, to bend a spoon it is easier to just take your hands and bend it than to develop your brain i such a way as to allow you to project some sort of energy in order to do it. Thus, you will not evolve that way. Or develop that way. Everything you see about mystics or ghost or what ever can be very easily explained. Is either an act or is a misunderstanding of what is really going on. Or lack of knowledge of phisical phenomena.
    The best example is the 1,000,000 dollar challenge by James Randi. Pretty much if you can prove any supernatural power you get 1 million dollars. This challenge have been going on for a couple of decades now yet not a single person have been able to claim it. NOT ONE!!!!
    Thats the problem with beliefs. Belief works as long as you believe in it. It cannot be proven. The moment some doubts the whole system breaks because it was nothing there to begging with. Proof is what is needed and proof is what they cannot provide thus they fail. Especially when the skeptic reproduces the same trick using simple methods.

  5. No, there isn’t. To be accurate, science can never offer absolute proof for any hypothesis. Proof only applies in pure mathematics and liquor 🙂 But then the question is whether there is adequate scientific evidence to justify at least tentative acceptance of these paranormal claims. Some would say yes, but these people tend not to be scientists and don’t have a real good grasp of the process of scientific investigation and justification. There is always the rare exception, however.
    I’ve included a link to a heavily documented paper below which describes the history and evidence (or lack of it) for psi. Take a look, it’s a good read and you’ll probably find it interesting.

  6. There is supporting evidence which is all that science can provide. Science does not prove anything it test hypothesis and either fails to support the hypothesis or provided supporting evidence for the hypothesis. When enough supporting evidence is collected it becomes generally accepted by scientist until further evidence from further experiments refines or overturns the previously accepted evidence.
    There is no pure test of telepathy that is possible. However, it is possible to test the larger category of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and this has been done and provides supporting evidence for ESP. The two experiments resulting in the best evidence have been the Ganzfeld Experiments (link below) and Remote Viewing (link below). In both cases outside evaluation has concluded that this phenomena exist.
    Jessica Utts in her government sponsored evaluation of Remote Viewing concludes:
    “Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted. Effects of similar magnitude to those found in government-sponsored research at SRI and SAIC have been replicated at a number of laboratories across the world. Such consistency cannot be readily explained by claims of flaws or fraud.”
    In the Ganzfeld studies “Rosenthal, after considering the possible influence of various flaws upon study outcome, concluded that the overall hit rate of the studies could be estimated to be 33 percent, whereas chance expectancy was 25 percent.” (link below)
    Telekinesis is now called psychokinesis (PK) in the scientific research literature. Again, there is supporting evidence for this phenomena that been collected since the 1930’s when it was first studied in a scientific manner by Dr. J.B. Rhine. I have included several links below for you that will provide information.

  7. forgive me, but I have fun laughing at the skeptics whose only argument is that randi dude and his test. I don’t want to take his test because I don’t need to prove it–to you or to myself. *I* already know I can do it. Did it ever occur to you that NOBODY will ever pass that test to his satisfaction? He’s laughing at us. Like the majority of the people here are. It’s sad, really, because all those phony psychics out there ruin it for those of us with real gifts.
    Proof? Probably not. It’s something hard to measure. All those stupid psychic card tests you see online? I fail them all every single time. I’m an empath/telepath, not a clairvoyant. In my opinion telepathy would probably be hard to test because in my experience it’s very closely related to empathy, thoughts are very closely related to emotions.

    • Hello ive been going through well I guess its a form of telepathy that who ever has been puting me through for the last 10 or 11 years now and I dont know really who it iis doing this to me well I have some what of a clue They have been blaming me for everything that they want and that happens to be women by blaming them for what ever they can Well what I wanted to know is there any way to stop this and if you can do this can you do this to me and when you do you will see that IM not lieing there allways there I mean who ever it is doing this to me I know this all may seam crazy but I dont really dont know how to prove this if its real help.

      • I also have video recording the impressional software delivary system… I have extensive evidence if you have not been committed to an institution yet…. 99.5% are after the first 3 weeks and 30% commit suicide… I also have recorded the voice impressions which are ambient audio by use of a strategic laser guidance system… thanks

  8. Is there any proof men landed on the Moon? Or for anything, for that matter?
    We take for granted a lot of funny things, either because we read about them on the papers or see it on TV or people who we trust say so.
    I find it hard to believe driving a motor truck is possible – I never have, although I am a good driver. I am great with cars, but I just can’t see myself being able to drive a huge auto-vehicle.
    It seems other people do it easily, tho’.
    Take a look here then answer your question yourself:

  9. Many say it’s real (hucksters and the deluded) but none will demonstrate. Makes it pretty clear doesn’t it?
    EDIT: It’s entertaining reading the rationalizations used by the deluded. “I don’t need to prove it to anyone.” What else would you say if you don’t have the abilities you claim to have? Both Randi and the applicant agree to what qualifies as a successful test, so it’s not so one-sided as many of the deluded.

  10. Computer interpretations of human brain waves reproducing thought images and sounds and sense and transferring to other subjects via closed circuit or intense broadcast wave. Other than that it is not track-able or potent in validity because the field is infinitely open and therefor too unpredictable to identify any control variables.


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