is there any real magick or it is the words of mouth?

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Indie Jesus

“is there any real magick”

The Doors of Perception

In june i met a 12 year old girl who needed both legs amputated. There was NO other option or hope. The families prayers were unanswered. I ask their permission to do a spell for the girl. They agreed. That afternoon I did the spell. Two months later I saw the girl in the store. She no longer needs the amputations and she will not need her wheelchair again till her 30s after a replacement surgery.
Thats proof enough of magick for me.


Yes, I believe there is real magic, but I don’t believe real magic is like fiction or legends.


Atheists, when you say you don't believe in God or gods…?

what definition of God or gods are you using? ((Are you referring to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic prayer-answering, book-authoring, dead-judging deity as well as the highly-anthropomorphized supernatural...

Anyone have experience with migraines that cause you to see visual distubances?

If so, can you describe what your auras look like and how long they last? I get black and coloful flashing spots and halos but...

Is it true our soul astral travel while we are sleeping?

I heard from some sources that everyone's souls astral travel while you're sleeping and not aware of anything when you wake up? This is...

How does an animal or insect know to be "GOOD" in hopes of moving up the reincarnation ladder?

Or do you start from scratch from the lowliest of creatures and slowly work your way up via reincarnation, thru the millions of species...
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