is there any real evidence to confirm or disconfirm the effectiveness of magick?

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I don`t think so!
If it were evidence to confirm it, wouldn`t scientist be more interested in the subject?

Amber F

It is much like love in that if you don’t experience it yourself you will never really get it. It is also an art-form in the way that it takes practice to get it anywhere near what you want it to be. If you know what you are doing and then know what to look for then you will see it’s results but it doesn’t have a physical tangible appearance that just anyone can see or feel and know or understand what it is.


Magic doesn’t exist except in the minds of the gullible – or possibly the enlightened, although there is no scientific data to support its existence – so its effectiveness is based upon the susceptibility and reception of the audience – if you want to believe that someone just pulled a coin from your ear then it is effective; if you choose to be logical and understand that it’s just a trick to fool and entertain you, then it’s not effective.

St N

Unfortunately, magic seems to be extremely rare and almost unprovable. Most magic is science hidden behind smoke and mirrors. Some is just pure poppycock designed to take the suckers money. Occasionally, something unexplained happens but it can also not be reproduced or substantiated.
Magic will always be used to explain what can not yet be understood.


Not really…the practitioner knows it works but it is like faith in ‘God’…a private thing…


It’s difficult to quantify, because it is generally not measured. I have successfully been able to manifest various things/situations, but I could not provide concrete proof to anyone. Magick is personal, and once the work is done, you release it to the Universe. It’s not a phenomenon that is openly discussed and measured. Magick, or manifestation, is the manipulation of energy, powered by intent. It’s like trying to measure specific thoughts. I imagine if I were hooked up to an EEG, my brain waves would be out of the ordinary, but other than that, again, how would one measure the results? There are simply too many “obscure” variables.

Hatir Ba Loon

The problem is, yes and no, depending on how you define evidence. If you’re expecting things like Harry Potter, then, no, since that doesn’t happen.
Most of the evidence involving Magick is all based off of personal experiences of the practitioner …which is automatically thrown away by the scientist, as unverifiable, and also because the person reporting isn’t a “Trained Observer” (I’ve yet to see anyone the skeptics will accept as a “Trained Observer” nor can I find “Observer” as part of any schools curriculum).
Anytime there is any other effect that might be attributable to any Magick working, it can also be explained away using the word “coincidence” because there is no direct link (in any way detectable by today’s science) between the Spell and the effect.
Since a good bit of Magick involves internal changes in the mind of the practitioner, and since science really doesn’t like to admit that the mind exists (anything other than the hardware of a person is impossible to detect, and therefore, declared not to exist), and since that would be unverifiable personal experience (trained observer again), it’s not accepted.
So, no, there is no evidence, by the standards of what is accepted as evidence, to confirm the effectiveness of Magick, and therefore, by the Rationalist philosophy of science, it doesn’t exist.
They don’t have to prove it doesn’t exist, by the rules of the Game that they’ve created, nothing exists until it’s proven to exist, and they also define what is, or is not accepted as evidence.
Neat little con job, ain’t it?


Have a look into “String Theory”. Not proof per se, but certainly compelling to think about.


By evidence I assume you mean scientific evidence. The answer to that would be no on both parts. Scientist do realize that there are still things within our own minds that are yet to be explained. Magick is the manipulation of energies. It has been proven that everything has energy and with the proper technique it can be manipulated but they have yet to narrow down the process of how magick works.
One day it will be explained and will be a known fact. Until then it continues to be a mystery. But if you study history you can see that many “magickal” things have happened. Just look at the pyramids. And the people that have been cured of deadly diseases such as tuberculosis without any scientific explanation. Also things such as Stonehenge, Coral castle, and Easter Island to name a few.


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