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Is there any proof that magick is real, and could there be good magick against evil?

i dont want to believe that all magick is bad. there has got to be a way to find good magick to fight evil, to regain life, to help others in need. Does anyone know


  1. Contrary to some beliefs, magic workings are real. I only practice good spells, prosperity, health and wellbeing. I have seen many good things happen. I also want to tell you that there is a chant that I stumbled upon a while back that proved very interesting. It was to remove a hex placed on someone. In this chant, there were 4 chapters of Psalms that you are to read out loud. I did it, and it worked. Hmmm…imagine that! 😉

  2. Here’s a fun thought…
    I think science is magic! Good magic that came from the hands of our creator. Do we know of any other planet that has created the things ours has?-No! Can we explain everything?-NO! Will we ever?-No one knows. But I’d rather be a believer than think that everything is for nothing.
    Oh, and love is a spell that always triumphs over evil!

  3. Even magicians admit there is no real magic. It’s all in your mind. The power of suggestion is not to be ignored… if you tell yourself “this will happen” you can increase the chances of it happening – just by feeding the words into your subconscious mind. Don’t underestimate the power of the subconcious mind – it has nothing to do with magic.

  4. First of all it is spelled–magic. Second of all there is no scientific proof OF ANY KIND that magic exists. Belief in magic is reserved for the poorly-educated and poorly- read people in society. People who admit they believe in magic are only admitting that they don’t have a great deal of education. And there are a lot of them out there.
    PS. As for our “Mensa” member Seraphina 75, please enlighten me on some scientific studies that prove the existence of magic. Or you could give me the names of some respected scientists that have come out and stated that they believe in magic. I will give you the rest of your life to find even one. If you do not provide any I will assume your “Mensa” affiliation is as valid as your belief in magic. Good luck, David Copperfield.

  5. Magic, I hate spelling it with a k at the end, is just as real as anything else. Just like there is no proof that any one God or Goddess exist, there is no hard-core proof that magic exists. I could write and write all day about the things I’ve done and how they’ve helped me or those around me, but it’s anecdotal evidence at best. Yes, I have seen good energy used to fight off bad energy with fairly good results.
    Call me uneducated or simple if you will, but I’m a highly intelligent, educated woman who happens to be a MENSA member, so let’s not got generalizing or speculating as to the intelligence of those who believe in magic.

  6. If you believe in the power of you thoughts & intention to create “good” or “evil” in your life or the world you MUST believe in the power of Magick to do the same. Magick IS focusing thoughts and intentions with the use of rituals. Rituals are powerful acts that acknowledge to the many layers of or being that something powerful is taking place and a change is being made through intention.

  7. Regarding the spelling, the reason it is spelt with a k is to distinguish it from the David Copperfield variety. The definition of Magick is: the art and science of causing change in accordance with the will.
    This means at one extreme that if I will my PC on and in willing it I cause my hand to flip the power switch I have just witnessed Magick and in that case the results can clearly be seen but, it is not very magical (no fireballs or cool sound effects). If I apply my will and suddenly, my wife walks in and switches it on I have also witnessed Magick this may seem very magical but could be pure coincidence and there are a number of reasons for it. The practitioner of magick will insist that regardless of how his will was manifested it was because of him willing it that the manifestation occured.
    So, like everything in the spiritual arena, there is no proof, only people that witness things and draw conclusions. If you can win the Lotto at will I think people will start to beleive in your magickal powers. Until then it is pureley a mechanism for personal and mental growth which works for some and not for others.


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