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Is there any proof of qigong?


  1. First of all, Qigong is the study of the body’s energy. So what you really want to know is if there is any proof of Qi (or Chi).
    Second, What would you consider proof? You can see videos of it being demonstrated on UTube, but some would not call that proof. There are many books on the subject, but some would not consider that proof.
    Some would say that it is bogus because if it were real then there would be schools all over the place and it would be seen in the UFC. The fact is that Qigong is extremely difficult to learn and unfortunately, running a martial arts school costs money. The majority of people don’t have the discipline to study Qigong and therefore schools aren’t profitable. A few schools do exist for those with the dedication.

  2. There are many cases of people doing extraordinary things. Some examples of this are Qi gong practitioners pressing sharp swords against there neck, and stomach without it penetrating. There is even one man who can talk while having a sword pressed hard against his neck. There are also rituals in which the practitioner prays to god for protection, and they then stick swords into their stomach, nails through their cheek etc. with little to no blood coming out and the wound heals fasts. The one time someone has been scanned while doing this ritual, they put a nail through their cheek. Durinrg this theirh is auric field was monitored and upon the time the nail went through the cheek, the part of the auric field around the cheek disappeared. Also there is a style of martial arts called combat ki. I don’t know the details, but I do know that for the test to become an instructor the person must take many hits that include 4 people punching as ahrd as they can into each side of the neck at once, a kick to the genitals, and hard punches to the stomach. I think the show I was watching said that there have not been injuries in combat ki for over 50 years. And that test that the people take would kill any normal person. Final a martial arts style called dim-mak utilises Chi and strikes to point on the meridians of the person. This usually makes the person sick and unable to do anything. Of course the same person who inflicted this was able to heal them with another strike on the meridian.
    A small edit. There are many tricks like sword swallowing and fire breathing. Those are tricks. Then there are some things that are not tricks, as in sticking a sword in your stomach with little to no blood and having the wound heal quick. There is no way to condition yourself to not bleed when you stick a sword in your stomach. There is also no way to make yourself heal faster without the use of medicine. And sticking a sword in your stomach does not trigger the CDK’s of your cells to give off signals for cells to ruch faster to the cut area and to heal it. The people are utilizing chi to make it heal faster. The Chi may in turn trigger more CDK’s (I think it’s CDKs that trigger cell growth in a cut, but I’m a little rusty on my biology) to make the cells rush to the cut area and to heal it faster, but without that it’s not gonna heal as fast. And also the example stated about the man whose auric field disappeared the exact moment he stuck a nail through his cheek – that is by no means a trick. The auric field of a human being is always surrounding you. Kerilian photography has even shown that people with a loss limb still have an auric field surrounding the parts of their body they lost. Once again, the auric field is always around your body, even in extreme times of pain – always. And this man’s auric field the moment he put the nail through his cheek, after 90 minutes of prayer and meditation.
    There is no other explanation – it was not a trick. It was either actually intervention by God, or he used Chi. Finally there is also an unexplained occurance that happened to my father. After doing special chi gong breathing exercises (I think like picture breathing in gray, and breathing out blue, but I don’t remember entirely) his instructor kept asking him if he felt “the energy”. My father was a skeptic at the time. He felt no such thing. so as he was driving home all of a sudden he felt a burst of energy like he had 15 cups of coffee. He never trained or conditioned for that (not like you could). Finally I would like to say that certain things like the no touch knock-out are defiantly BS, but a lot of the stuff is real, people just don’t want to accept it. Your counterargument may be that I just want to believe it, but thats not true either. I was also a skeptic about it until my dad’s story and my own research.

  3. Any proof of a double blind test of qigong? Hmm, do you mean martially, medically, physically, or healing? Are you talking hard body qi training like the martial art or iron body, iron palm, iron elbow/forearm/leg/head, etc? There are challenges in china for Qigong. Is there a qigong martial art? yes. Are there hard body training regarding Qigong? yes. Does the hard body training really strengthen your ability to strike a blow or accept one? yes. Does it help you become more healthy? Hmm, I’m not sure, the masters of the various arts tend to teach and live long. Is that proof? I’m not sure, there are others things in play such as diet and the fact they do exercise. Is it mystical? No. Do some folks make it mystical… yes.
    I guess I need a little more guidance on the question.
    Hmm, in thinking of this further… check out accupuncture. It is done very practically… if you have experienced it, you would know what I’m talking about.
    There was as a medical test on one with healing ankles done with a Chiropractor, traditional Western methods, and Chinese accupuncture. The control was no treatment methods. Chiropractors healed the the ankle the fastest, the one with the least results was accupuncture. There was also another test done using sick patients and Chinese herbal remedies vs. Western style. The chinese doctors were very successful in their treatments or read that more successful. Of course, that style of healing has been around much longer.
    Some folks try to make it magical. It is not magical. Of course this depends upon your definition… is it flow, breathe, life, energy, etc. I find nothing magical about using good breathing techniques to absorb blows or hit harder. I also see nothing magical about exercising to find better health. I see nothing magical about using proper body alignment to hit harder or accept blows or deflect them. Qigong hard body training is hard core too, there is a chinese police force that trains on the techniques meaning it is real, they use it. Of course they don’t have force fields, or magical pushes without touching people… they do use holds and such.
    I see that a few folks believe that it is magic. That is a choice based on marketing.
    Best of luck.

  4. Qigong is like god. People use “magic” for things they doesn’t understand and can’t describe.
    look at those people who walk across red hot coals in polyesania islands. They say volocano goddess protect them. Chinese would say “It’s a form of Qigong!” Ancient rome priest probably would have say something like “Look! This guy is Hade’s messager!” When in reality those people simply walk around bare feet for most of their life so their soles are heavily covered with callous. Also they do few process before they even steps onto red hot coal.
    It’s same with bed of nails, sword swallowing, and all other tricks. It’s not qigong, it’s simply they found a way to do something without hurting themselve.

  5. One way to answer is with are the testimonies of those practicing.
    Real people with real answers.
    Then, there is the scientific truth.
    Haven’t we just started analyzing quantum physics?
    Well, qigong is very simmilar, only 5-6 k years older.
    I have some research available if anybody is interested, that I can list (all available on the web on NIH site)

  6. No, only manufactured tapes that pretend that things work so they can defraud people into studying it.
    It is total bs.
    Any kind of chi that seems or sounds like you can do magical tricks that are superhuman is a fraud.
    Here is everyone’s favorite chi video:
    The guy tries to defend himself with a “chi” forcefield- still believe it?
    The only kind of person who can use real magic is david copperfield.
    You want to learn magic, go to vegas.

  7. Yes, it’s often referred to as another division (or version if you will) of the Martial Art of Tai Chi Chuan, This discipline also uses the Chinese Medicine Balls called Cloissonne as a health maintenance exercise.
    it also works much like yoga, using stretches or set movements designed for flexibility and muscle toning, but it also has a Medical application to it.
    it dates back to at least the 18th century and is heavily recorded during the Zhou and Shang dynasties of China.

  8. Qigong is the exercise; Qi is the energy itself. And yes, it has actually been measured by heat indicators (UCLA).
    It is not magic. Qi won’t protect you from bullets. If you want proper demonstrations of Qi, look to Shaolin monks here in America, primarily Shifu Shi Yan Ming of the USA Shaolin Temple. I didn’t believe in it, either, when I first started. Now I’m involved in iron palm training.
    Taijiquan is based on qigong; all of the movements you see are exercises of the body’s internal energy. Now that I’ve been in Shaolin and Taijiquan for several years, I can tell when my Qi is out of balance. You should not practice qigong when you’re sick; there are other times you should not practice that I won’t list as Yahoo! may censor them. 😉


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