Is there any power in the works of the Kabbalah?

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Jewish sages have been said to have become insane or evil as a result of learning the mystical books of the Kabbalah.
Why do they change?

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Arizona Knight Wolf



Kabbalists claim to receive their mystical interpretations of reality from beyond themselves. The more you read Kabbalistic writings, the more you will see that it is mystical and unbiblical. You will also discover that the philosophy cannot be verified. In other words, there is no historical fact that verifies Kabbalah. It borrows heavily from the accounts written in the first five books of the Bible, but it also radically reinterprets so many events and so many concepts in the Bible that it is quite foreign from what the Word of God actually says.
Please consider some of the following phrases used in the the books that teach Kabbalah and notice their ambiguity and New Age “feel”:
1.connections with other realities
2.contemplative exercises
3.mystical awareness
4.higher awareness
5.the worlds of awareness integrate along a continuum
6.higher and lower realms of consciousness
7.unification of the finite with the infinite of darkness
9.cosmic fluctuation
10.inherent light of consciousness
11.practicing Kavannah (awareness of the implications of everything we do)
12.the path to awareness
13.mystical Academy
These kinds of phrases are unverifiable and subjective and have no inherent meaning apart from assigned philosophical interpretations given to them by Kabbalah literature. Furthermore, the phrases are highly reminiscent of New Age teaching that also exalts humanity to the level of divinity, teaches esoteric knowledge, secrets of the universe, and also tries to unravel the mystical relationship between God, the universe, and ourselves — all based on subjective interpretations of the Bible.
Both Kabbalah and the New Age do not rest in historical facts nor in historical events that can be verified so as to support their interpretations. How do you connect with other realities? In fact, what does that mean? What is “higher awareness”? How does the finite become unified with the infinite? The answers that Kabbalah seeks to give to these kinds of questions are as equally subjective as the phrases that initiate the questions.
Because there is no way to verify the truth of the 10 aspects of God, that Kabbalah was given to the angels for the creation of the world, etc., the Kabbalist is left to either believe or disbelieve based upon his preferences. Instead of believing what the Bible actually says, the Kabbalist is left with following the baby and mystical interpretations of a few ancient Jews.
Unlike the Gospels, Kabbalistic literature is full of philosophical mumbo-jumbo, unverifiable and subjective ideas, and words that are strung together in such a way as to appear to be semi-coherent. The problem is that Kabbalah contradicts the Bible. Therefore, it is not true.

D Aravah - JBC

answer: You are in error. Claiming some have gone insane or evil without any citation makes it a worthless claim.
Kabbalah is the study of the Torah through Jewish mysticism. There is no evil in it.
What Madonna and others practice is New Age Kabbalah which isn’t traditional Kabbalah.

Zsolt H

You are right with your question.
As you can see from the answers below, and even more if you do an Internet search, how much confusion there is about Kabbalah.
In truth Kabbalah simply is a scientific method, that can help us learn about the reality we live in and about our own role within this system.
The method of Kabbalah was developed several thousands of years ago, but it is meant for our generation as humanity at first had to mature enough to be able to use it.
For that reason Kabbalah was hidden, it was shielded from the public, so all kinds of stories were invented so people would run away from it.
But since the 16th century, with a famous Kabbalist The Ari, the study of Kabbalah has been opened, and even more so about 100 years later with another kabbalist, the Baal Shem Tov, who started opening it for the wider public.
Nobody goes crazy with the study of Kabbalah, on the contrary with the help of this method we can finally understand who we are, where we are, and what our purpose is in this world.
But you do not need to believe me, for further information I would recommend the links below.
All the best.


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