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Is there any positive or negative energy that influences our life and luck?


  1. I will not define it as good or evil. But Dark Energy (similar to Dark Matter) takes up an outrageous percentage of the universe (on the scale of around 60%). That is bound to influence our life.

  2. Yes, there undoubtedly is. But I also believe that our own inner spiritual strength can handle these challenges. No, we cannot turn every situation around, but we can see them as experiences that make us grow wiser and stronger.

  3. Wow! What a question. There are energy vampires out there everywhere.
    An energy vampire is a person that tries to suck the life out of your ideas and dreams. They are usually downer type people. They can, and do, influence other people. Don’t listen to them. Avoid them. They are a waste of your life.

  4. Yes you use whatever resources there are to help your positive energy.. that could be attending university part time to learn a course rather than staying at home and learning.. this way, you are feeding off the energy of other students to motivate you. You can use people you know and people you dont know to help motivate you to success. You can use successful situations you here about to help faciliate motivation. You can also constantly think about the future and vision how you want things to be to help motivate you also… hope this helps.

  5. Most certainly there is. Ask any feng shui consultant who can do a four pillars chart. You will need to know the exact time and place of your birth. There are energy differences in the southern hemisphere from the northern hemisphere. The consultant looks at the energies present at the time of your birth and builds 4 pillars based on the year month day and hour of your birth.
    A skillful consultant can be uncannily accurate. Based on the information obtained from your chart he or she can tell you when to beware, when to go ahead with projects, how to deflect negative energies and so on.
    Write to me if you want further info.


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