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Is there any people are communicating through telepathy or Is this still a fiction?


  1. Yes I think it is possible if you concentrate hard enough.
    I am sometimes very telepathic with my mum. If I think about it hard enough and will her to phone she will but she will have no idea why she just rang me.
    They reckon twins are the most telepathic and that stems back from sharing a womb etc.
    I am not sure whether it can be tested and proven scientifically but I think, like most things, you either believe in it or you don’t!!

  2. Absolutely, takes practise and the range isn’t that great, but someday the computer and us will make borders obsolete.

  3. Not in the normal sense. I think perhaps in instances of stress one could or perhaps communicate in that way. You know, the X-factor of nature that works in trying times. It’s like super-human feats when the adrenaline is up.

  4. people do communicate telepathically. An obvious example would be husbands and wives.
    I have always experienced limited, and sometimes, not so limited telepathic phenomena.
    I will give you one mild example. You could call this coincidence, but it happens so frequently to me and my wife.
    I was supposed to pick my father inlaw up for an appointment this morning, I set my alarm clock to make sure I would not forget.
    about five minutes before hand as I was working on my computer.
    I startled and looked at the clock.
    At that very second my wife ran into the room and said, “my dad, lets not forget my dad.
    I told her,” stop reading my thoughts.
    I told you truthfully, that was mild.
    I have some instances, not even between me and my wife that would make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

  5. Yes and it is nothing but trouble. So which one of us hundred people is thinking what. What makes you think you can know your thoughts from anyone elses. Suddenly I have the body of someone else, is it real? What makes us think thoughts could have identifiable shape or form or mark of ownership. There are fools playing with this, peoples heads and what’s in them. Greed and paranoia.

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