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Is there any other way to be in the present moment besides meditation?

As far as I know meditation is the best (and possibly even only) way to be in the present moment – but I don´t want to be presumptuous. What other methods do you know of…?


  1. sex
    playing a musical instrument
    reading and writing poetry
    lucid dreaming
    anything can be an active meditation
    :::@ the core of everything is Silence:::

  2. For me mediation is many things with the same goal, stilling the mind from extraneous thoughts. It’s not just sitting legs crossed with eyes closed. Exercise, music, walking and being aware of breaths….So many ways to meditate.
    Peace and love 🙂

  3. You are in the present wether you like it or not 🙂
    Sometimes we do not take advantage of the present and we do not exploit the moment to its full potential…

  4. For me, watching my children is an “alive and in the moment” experience. It was so great to have them all together at the holiday this year. Also, checking on them during the night – re-tucking the littlest one during the chilliest hours of the early morning – just watching him breath a few times was profoundly focusing.
    I try to make a practice of being in my moment any time I’m in nature as well. Not only can you hurt yourself badly if you are not paying attention, but so much of what is beautiful in the world is small and fleeting and easily overlooked if you are NOT “in the moment.”
    On one trip we stayed at a little bed-and-breakfast with a lovely garden. Meditation was easy in that lovely setting. However, on the way to the car as I crossed the parking lot, I saw the most astonishing flower blooming. The small succulent plant was covered with velvet-like hair, and the tiny flower – about 1/4 inch across – was an intense purple. Most people would walk across it or even step on it without thinking of it at all, but there, hardy and determined in the dusty parking lot, it stood with all its miniature grandeur. You don’t get to experience something like that if you are not willing to look a bit silly sitting on the ground examining a plant many would think of as a weed.
    Paying attention to the details and appreciating the moment doesn’t require meditation, but simply an open mind and willing spirit. If you don’t do it, you miss most of what really matters in life.

  5. According to Zen teaching, you should ALWAYS be in the moment. You do this by keeping your mind on the present and remain aware of your surrounding.i.e no distractions. This means no music, no day-dreaming, nothing but what is before you at the moment. Concentration of senses is the secret of living in the moment. You must strive to be AWARE of everything about you at all times. For instance, do you hear that beetle burrowing into the ground?

  6. I know a great way: do whatever you like–you will always be in the present moment, and no action can make you any more so than you already are.
    “We might compare time to an infinitely revolving circle: the half that is always sinking would be the past, that which is always rising would be the future; but the indivisible point at the top which the tangent touches, would be the present. Motionless like the tangent, that extensionless present marks the point of contact of the object, whose form is time, with the subject, which has no form because it does not belong to the knowable but is the precondition of all knowledge.”
    ~ Schopenhauer, ‘Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung’, 1819

  7. Yes. Just be. Don’t do, be. If you don’t understand this, go read The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. AMAZING and brilliant book.

  8. What do you mean by meditation? There are so many different types and techniques of focusing ones attention that fall under the heading of meditation it makes your question difficult to answer. Many different activities can be undertaken as a meditation, such as cleaning your house, chopping wood, singing, walking, driving, conversing with friends, writing, observing the natural world, gardening, climbing mountains, working out at the gym and many, many others. In fact,the draw for thrill seekers is mainly because risking ones life brings one to the narrow focus on just this present moment.
    The fact is one is always in the present moment. What Eckhart Tolle and others are speaking of is bringing ones awareness to it. One can be aware of the present moment while performing many different tasks. Of course, some take the development of more skill than others, hence the emphasis by many on “meditation”.

  9. Practicing being an observer is the first that comes to mind.
    A “stepping back” & observing others, yourself, & the situation.
    For me, it has been the greatest tool for Being present in just right now while going thru day to day activities.
    The learning is in the doing & as you practice more & more you find you respond more to just right now rather than the many reactions we have every minute that many times are memory based.
    There are several disciplines we have used thru the years but the bottom line is no discipline or tool will do it, it will however create a space for wakefulness & mindfulness to happen. That is their only purpose & if any discipline becomes a mindless ritual it has lost it’s purpose & effectiveness.
    Many Blessings!

  10. ok dont laugh ok , this is the method Shiva taught me, that crazy blue man asked me to pinch myself everytime my mind wanders to things which is not of my concern. It was that one day practice to keep me in the moment
    I pinched myself to reality that day. LOL

  11. You can do it at any moment that you chose. It is still essentially a meditation but all that is necessary is that you look around and immerse yourself in what is.
    Looking at a sunset, the forest, the night sky are all things that plant you firmly in the now.
    It is more about noticing what is than anything else.
    Love and blessings Don

  12. (((( I’M GRUMPY )))) and (((( KAREN STAR )))) are very inspiring.
    I find my happiest, most peaceful, and inspirational moments to be when I am silently communing with God in nature. I remind myself to breathe evenly and deeply, relax each muscle, and just enjoy whatever is in that moment without thinking about anything else.
    All life experiences seem to be taking on that meditative glow as I slow myself down and focus on each moment. Connecting with other people, enjoying a warm embrace, really listening to music and poetry – everything seems more intense as you focus without allowing yourself to be distracted.
    Edit: Thanks Karen – consider yourself hugged. What is ironic about the accident is that I have no regrets. It did indeed slow me down and helped me to get in touch with each moment and with the infinite. My life has changed (mostly for the better), and my fear level was reduced by about 98%.

  13. I’m facing the same problem…but you are way ahead of me! I’m just thinking about meditating!
    While on amazon.com I found a book called “The Miracle of Mindfulness” by Thich Nhat Hanh. I read a little bit of sample it gives and I think I’m going to get it. A reviewer stresses that it’s not a book about Buddhism if that is a concern. It’s about learning to be mindful as a means of meditation. I’ll give you my person review when I get the book!

  14. To be fully engaged in, aware of, and present to whatever “is” in any given moment…surely this is the sublime “meditation.” It would be as though one were riding the current, the wave, the spark of “being,” never for one moment being distracted/diverted/waylaid. Though some say it is something set aside or isolated from mundane activities, it seems to me to be necessarily folded into them…as the constant observer.
    i am Sirius


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