is there any other way to astral project other than going alongthe lines of layingdown and basically sleeping?

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i want to be able to astral project/ have an obe(out of body experience) but i also dont want to have to lay down and basiccaly go to sleep. is ther eany other way to astarl project? and i also want to know if there are anything bad things i must look out for, and if there are different levels of the astarl plain. could you please answer as much as you can ? thank you in advance.

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Not if you are Prue from season 1-3 of Charmed. Or the librarian from season 7 and I think 8. They could be sitting or standing, it was through concentrating and feel a need for another of them t be available that made them astral project to where they needed to be.


You can sit in lotus posture or just in a comfortable chair–if you succeed your body might go limp, so you should be in a supported position. You should visualize yourself surrounded by white light or a protective circle. You should also be sure to visualize the silver thread that connects you to your body, so that you can find your way back.

Tom I

Except in a near-death situation, projection only really happens in a mind-awake-body-asleep state. These occur momentarily as you enter and exit sleep, and in deep meditation. Although a projection on the way into sleep can return you to physical wakefulness straight afterwards (thus avoiding the falling asleep bit), that’s not something a beginner (or even veteran) can rely on, so meditation would realistically be your method of choice.
As long as you’re sensible there’s nothing bad worth worrying about, although until you eventually verify this for yourself you’re bound to have loads of false alarm panics anyway (unless you stick to daytime exits). There are two important plane types, etheric and astral, which you might think of as earthly and non-earthly. Both are absolutely real, but again you won’t be sure of either initially!
Have a link, and have fun…


I have the best luck launching from lucid dreams.


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