Is there any one who share my opinion that light doesnot have quantum nature?

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I believe that light cannot have quantum nature any body having same believe as mine than please mail me back at:
Also mention the reason why u believe so,I am waiting for ur response

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Not 1 answer bro…..not 1 answer

Uncle Al

Photoelectric effect, single photon counting, pair formation, Compton scattering, Rabi vacuum oscillation, blackbody radiation…
Light is quantized. You are an idiot.

Kimberly V

uncle al, you’re my hero.


The analysis of light was one of the principal problems that led to quantum mechanics. Light is a key example of a macro-phenomenon that has a quantum basis, and it is one of the best understood. To argue against a concept which has such experimental evidence and firm mathematics, you’ll really need to do your homework and come up with one hell of an opposition.

Ian I

Uncle Al is quite correct I’m afraid. You are an idiot


Well, I don’t share your opinion. But this is a free country if you are in the USA, well sort of free, you have to pay for everything except air. And there is a plan to charge for that, just you wait and see. But Light has a quantum nature. I think you could find a better use of your time and resources.

Tim C

it depends on how you look at it. if you do a test to show that light is a wave (not quantized) then it will show that light is a wave. if you try to show that light is quantized (it is a particle) then you will show that. unfortunately its harder to show both at the same time.
light is a wave and a particle, in fact everything is. they have shown that electrons also act like wave/particles, as do neutrons and protons. the larger the object the smaller its wavelength is though.
you are free to have your opinion (even richard feynman once said that light is a particle and all of our experiments show this, in another lecture he showed that light was both a wave and a particle). but you should do some more research on it, maybe even an experiment or two.


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