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Is there any one who experienced Enlightenment?

I’ve read about Enlightenment and in many book Buddhist books that it really can change you as a human being. Joseph Campbell said it can make you feel like your the Axis Mundi, or God itself.
I live in an area full of radical orthodox christians, dont have any buddhist centers nearby. I’ve emailed several buddhist monks, and each of them gave me a different answer not only on how to reach enlightenment, but what it is. I would very much like to feel that “Axis Mundi”, like me being the supreme of the supreme. Im quite desperate beacause I reached a dead end. I dont have much money, so im quite sad, I want to study the dharma, but with a master. Did anyone experienced englihtenment can throw some cents on it? Every answer is welcome, but especially those chinese zen type, since I am interested in “that” kind of enlgihtenment, in which man becomes god.


  1. I experience occasional, accidental flashes of lucidity, but not often enough for it to become a nuisance.
    Even god is Samsara. If you can see and accept that being present in the moment is all there is to be achieved, then you’ve made a good beginning.

  2. I experienced something close to it just 3 months ago. Life was good, just beautiful after that. No pain all pleasure.
    It took me so long to understand all this but I am glad I finally did. Everything became so clear to me.
    Ok, so different monks tell u different story? Actually that means only one or may be none of them is completely enlightened or may be they are telling u the same thing in a different way.
    Basically, according to Buddha, when u meditate u experience enlightenment. But there are stages of enlightenment & at every stage u think u r completely enlightened but u r not.
    To completely understand what I am trying to explain pls open & read the following links.


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