Is there any mantra or meditation to overcome the fear of death of others?

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I’ve had difficulty all of my life in ‘dealing’ with death of my loved ones. I need to overcome this-it’s tearing me apart. Thank you for your time.

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I guess we all worry for our loved ones, some more, some less. But, you need to understand you’ll never be able to fully protect them. I think it’s better to have a fulfilling and saatisfying life – no matter how and when it will end. What’s better – 10 years of joy or 50 years of misery and worries?


only seeds of mustard…


Fear of death can only be overcome by experience of self, the being, the life inside…
Distraction of mind to other things helps, chanting & meditation too r good tools…


yes ! just repeat this mantra..OM TRAYMBAKAM YAJAMAHE SUGANDHIPUSHTI VARDHANAM, URVAARUKAM EVBANDHANAAT MRITYORMUKSHIY MAA AMRITAAT.this mantra is called mahaamritunjaya mantra and it helps u to get rid of the fear of death..u can meditate , while repeating this mantra at least 108 times daily in morning after cleansing, purifying ur, sw. maa.


try it
you can try the one i made up and have been doing for 9 years or so
om mother life force
om mother life force
om goddess of avalon
om goddess of avalon
free to all
just try it for one week and see what happens ,it cant hurt you iv been doing it for 9 years.
life and death are parts of each other ….but i choose to focus on [ life force ]

shivamat bhairav

Just see closely what is death.Everything born must die.Birth and death happen simultaneously.Once the child is born it has stared to die,We fail to see life in this angle .We celebrate birth days and when we say it is somebody’s 21 st birthday we never see that the person is near death by 21 years.See in this angle.Death is uncertain.Live to the fullest in the present .Death is future.Dont worry when it has to come it will, welcome it ,as you have enjoyed the bith enjoy death .Then death is never painful accept it and be happy !


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