Home Discussion Forum Is there any magick stores in or near oshawa, newcastle, or durham?

Is there any magick stores in or near oshawa, newcastle, or durham?

When I need supplies, I always have to go to Toronto, but I hate it. So I was hoping there would be a magick store somewhere closer to me. BTW: Oshawa is in Ontario, Canada.


  1. In the Oshawa Center they have a Green Earth which carries some of the basic candles, incense and the white sage smudge sticks.
    However, I live in Ajax and I found that going to the Hedge Witch in Sharon, Ont (about a 35 min drive for me) has been the easiest travel route.

  2. There is a bookstore in Ajax called Odyssey on Old Kingston Road, on the border of Pickering and Ajax (http://www.odysseybooks.on.ca/), a simple candle, incense and earth based store in the Oshawa Centre called Green Earth, as well as Balta that sells some cultural materials, if I’m not mistaken. However, if you just google it, I’m sure you could find more than what I know of. Hope this has helped. 🙂

  3. IN Bowmanville there is a shop called the violet door, you can easily find it on google maps. It is a book store but has many diffrent kinds of essential oils, Inscence, Candles, Stones, and even stone wands. It also has many buddaism related features as well, it is my main resource.

  4. There is a new Spiritual, Metaphysical, Occult store at the Courtice Fleamarket, called The Zen Shop. They sell jewellery, gifts, wellness products & most supplies. If you’re looking for something particular, talk to the owner. She can most likely special order anything. She did for me.


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