Is there any higher consciousness than our thoughts?

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If you understand what I’m asking here is there any higher realm of consciousness or spiritual being than our thoughts?
What about meditation and stopping “thoughts”?

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The relm of *NO MIND* or NOTHINGNESS is beyond thought.



Warrior Poo Flinger NorCal R&Ser

above your thoughts is the witness to the thoughts, you as a witness hearing or seeing or knowing your thoughts as they fly by.

Free at last

The only way to attain that higher consciousness is to turn off your thoughts (ego). Only then, when you are completely in the moment of now, can you have true communion with Oneness. Meditation is one road to that state. If you get there before I do, save me a seat!!!

Comrade Heathcliff

The believer would say God. The psychologist would probably make reference to Freud and Jung. There is, of course, the unconscious which in a sense is beyond our conscious (by definition). Jung fans would make reference to a collective unconscious. Beyond psychology I don’t think I’d like to say there was a higher consciousness.

Bipolar Birdy

Yes, God’s thoughts


The act of quieting our thoughts, of listening to our minds and how the never stop going. I’d encourage you to read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle–amazing book that teaches you how to stop your thoughts. It’s incredible how much you can learn by just stopping one’s thoughts. It’s liberating and has helped me to resolve a lot of personal garbage.


Thoughts are like the ripples on the surface of the pool, and silenced thoughts or the “emptiness” of buddha is the pool itself from which the ripples arise.
To answer your question, yes, but its so mind-boggling impossible to understand that you’ll go crazy if you do.


Yes. Angels, Jesus, then God—all have higher thought processes due to being higher forms of life with greater experiences.


there is contemplation in which the person receives all from God. But God gives it to those who first pray and meditate and do his will.


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