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Is there any help for people who believe in demons?

When answering the question “Do you have any 2007 predictions (spiritually)? The good & pretty and the bad & ugly” I wrote down with little thought:
“I will have accomplished a full physical transformation before the middle of the year. The more time goes on, the more I realize that my animal spirit and I are one and the same. My fox spirit and I, we are one. I am my fox. I am fox. The closer I get to this understanding, the closer I come to a p-shift
That is my spiritual prediction.”
What I got in response concerned me a bit, but not that I thought that it was true, but that the asker of the question honestly thought this.
“I’m concerned about the Philosopher. You can’t become one spirit with a fox. A demon is tricking you. I predict that you will have a true spiritual awakening, renewed in spirit with God.”
I worry about these people because their religion has clouded their thoughts beyond help.
Do you think there is anything that could be done to convince these people types of people that there are no demonic forces at work with my, or anyone’s, religion?
Shanya, god is the plague
I guess I’m not saying that demons do or do not exist, but I’m saying that demons aren’t the cause of every bad thing that happens in the world
To explain my religion. I believe in reincarnation between all species. That’s all really
Pernisciousknid’s (sp?) you have it backwards. I’m the one who believes in shapeshifting and it is the other person that believes that demons are trying to possess me
Leviathan, would be shocked to hear that I out rank most of my grade level in almost all aspects of our acedemic education?
defOf, satan doesn’t need to trick me. I’ll adress him promptly. Satan is older and wiser, and that’s why I seek his councel on matters that I need another’s opinion. I don’t fear the devil, I respect him


  1. there is no way to disprove that demons exist, and their is nothing wrong with people like me who believe and Know they exist.

  2. Friend there is help for a demonic person, & that is through Jesus Christ, & the way this question is put, you need some help , Because you are not a fox.

  3. Jesus Christ believed in demons. Perhaps He was wiser than you.
    In fact, there is probably not a culture in existence on the face of the earth that does not have some belief in demons. I dare say the most primitive tribesman in the jungles of Papua New Guinea is more spiritually enlightened than you.

  4. I am a born again Christan. Demons are as real as you and me. What help do you mean that I need? I can say that Christ really is all the help I have ever needed, and will ever need. With faith in Him, He will help me through everything.
    You are correct…demons are not the cause of every bad thing. Through man sin came into the world. We are all sinners, born with a sinful nature. We, too, bring bad things upon ourselves simply by our sinful nature. God hates sin.

  5. Native Americans believe they have spirit guides in the form of animals. These are not demons. From my many years experience, it’s been my experience that animals are not evil. Some people are.

  6. No, no hope for those decieved individuals. People will say we beleive demons and that is why we cannot come to God.
    I laugh because before I was Wiccan, I was Christian and studied the bible dilegently.
    There is no devil, no demons, only energy and this energy has a positive and negative side.
    Those who beleive in demons live in fear of everything.

  7. How can you say that demons are not real? Now I am an athesit, I practice no religion whatsoever. But why must you shut out the possibility of any spiritual forces at work. It is possible. Face it. There are many mysteries of this world and the universe that neither you and I don’t understand or haven’t seen. As for demons, there is a pretty solid chance that they are real. And I believe in them.

  8. This person who speaks of the transformation sounds like he or she is believing in “shape shifting”. This is the belief that one has the ability to transform themselves into various animals and then they are one with that animal. I know some on this subject. I agree with you that there is truly no way to be one with a fox or other animal. Shape shifting is spiritual deception.
    Demons certainly do exist in my opinion.
    Your question on whether there is something that can be done or helping people who believe in such things is unfortunately NO. People will believe what they choose to and until their beliefs hurt them or causes them to suffer loss in some way, they will continue believing such silliness.

  9. The world is cruel that is a fact. Their are demons everywhere. Know that the Father is with you and you are His child, he will keep you safe from all wrong. The devil tests us everyday Just remember who created you. In the end of times the devils reign will be over and be cast into a lake of fire an will have less power than dirt. Every knee will bow and every tounge will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord Willingly or Unwillingly. I will fall at his feet and cry out the loudest JESUS YOU ARE MY GOD!

  10. Of course there is help for people who believe in hospitals.
    You can check in to a hospital, take some medication and in time learn how to lead a normal life.
    You’re gonna p-shift huh? LOL I would say you are a p-brain.

  11. Whose to say there aren’t entities out there that earlier societies identified as demons? Perhaps their demons are our little green men.
    I do agree with you that the whole “It’s demons tricking you” argument that Christians use does get a little stale after a while, though. They seem to use it whenever they need an easy means of slamming another religion. It’s perfect, since there’s no way the member of the other religion can definitively deny it, just as I can’t definitively deny that I have a herd of invisible unicorns stalking me.

  12. No amount of education can take away a confounded mind that wants to believe in the most absurd things.
    The Bible talks of your interesting thoughts of being half-man, half-animal. One thing I do know, Satan is far more older and smarter than you are, and he can mess with you any way he wants if you let him. There are plenty of “wise” men who have seen that in action.


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