is there any good Magick schools?





is there any good wiccan/pagen schools?
I mean Wiccan Schools.


  1. libby, the magick she’s talking about is spelt with a k. 😉 if it’s spelt without the k it’s generally meant as the illusions that illusionary magicians do. magick with a k is used for actual real life spells and things.

  2. Lemme tell you right now! You need to spell “Magic” correctly if you want to go to the school! How can you do this you can’t even spell it?!Anyways, How old are you? You can’t be serious right? Magic schools… TRY Hogwartz… you know the school in the book that ISN’T REAL?!

  3. Well, which are you looking to learn – the religion of Wicca? Or the magical practice of witchcraft? If you could clarify, I may be able to offer you some suggestions.
    There are some free online courses that you could check out before deciding if you want to become a member of a particular group. There is which teaches Correllian Wicca (although I don’t personally endorse this school because I have some issues with the way they do some things – but it wouldn’t hurt you to take the free first degree course and learn a bit about it.)
    There are these online courses as well, though I have not dealt with any of them personally so I can’t endorse them either:
    I would check out this website for accurate info about Wicca, recommended reading, etc. – it’s one of the best out there.
    You may also want to check local pagan/metaphysical shops in your area – they often run classes and you may find some basic Wicca classes as well as Wiccan related workshops.
    Blessings on your journey.

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