Home Discussion Forum Is there any good free 3d mmorpgs?

Is there any good free 3d mmorpgs?

Ok iv been playing tantra3 online and its great and all but its slow later on and stuff was looking for a game thats like it but free! Or p2p but not that big on system reqmnt only got a 800mgz pc and 256mb ram lol >_< heres there site.... http://www.tantra.ph/


  1. There are quite a few free MMORPGs out there, but sometimes they’re a bit hard to find.
    One of the most popular ones out right now is MapleStory. It’s not really 3D; more of a side-scroller RPG, actually. It’s not such a bad little game for being what it is, but part of me thinks that it’s grown a little too big for it’s britches.
    I’ve also heard a few good things about Hero Online. I’ve never played it, but a few friends of mine have and they enjoy it.
    For awhile, I also played Knight Online. It was pretty decent, and maybe seems somewhat similar to Tantra (though I’ve never played it; I’m basing this just from what I saw on the website).
    What you may want to do is look through a website called FreeMMORPGList.com. It has listings of several different genres of games, all free to play. Some of them actually look pretty good.
    If you’re willing to pay up-front for a game and have free online play, I’d suggest Guild Wars. It’s a very good, very detailed MMORPG, but it may run sluggishly on your system because of that. If there’s a possibility of an upgrade (especially RAM; I only had 256 like you but had to upgrade to at least 512 to run it smoothly). It’s a good investment, though, especially with the expansions.
    The old stand-by I use for situations like this is Diablo II and the expansion, Lord of Destruction. You can purchase the Battlechest at any gaming store, and it includes Diablo II, the expansion, and the original Diablo for PC. For being as old as it is, there are still a lot of people playing it. It’s somewhat 3D as well, but with an overhead 3/4 view. Armor customization with your character is somewhat limited, but there are several viable builds with each of the seven (or five, if you don’t have the expansion) characters.
    I could probably go on, but then I’d be taking up more space than what I’d want to. Hopefully you’ll find something you’re interested in, and good luck!

  2. for the games that ive played i have to say conqueronline is almost as good as tantra in terms of gameplay and fly for fun is like 3d ragnarok. Ive heard guildwars is good but i havent played it yet. I dont know about you, but conqueronline and fly for fun are the best FREE online games in the Philippines.

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