Home Discussion Forum Is there any form of meditation that is an alternative to weed?

Is there any form of meditation that is an alternative to weed?

I’m really trying to cut back on my drug usage, and I would really like to know if there is a way to get the same high without killing my lungs.
Thanks 🙂
Let me add something:
All my money is gone to. And I do self meditation sometimes when I can’t sleep, and I read somewhere that there is a self-meditation for an alternative for marijuana, but it was a tape and didnt say much about it.


  1. Running… that’s what I do. I used to smoke a lot. I joined the military in 1983. I run marathons now since I can’t smoke any more. It gives you a really good high and when you feel the energy inside you that you created by building your endurance… it makes you feel so good.
    Meditation is really a different thing BTW.

  2. If you really get into meditation, it can be very relaxing and elating, like an out of body experience type of sensation. Give it a whirl.

  3. ha ha ha ha weed is not the killer drug crack cocaine herio uppers zany bars acid and shit like that, weed is a good source of healing

  4. Take up running. The “runner’s high” is a well-known phenomenon, and you’ll get a great bod and healthy lungs to go with it.

  5. there is no alternative for MEDITATION,it does’t have any side effects,provided u know the true process for meditation,well chat with me if u really want to practise meditation.

  6. You can try and get an Rx for marinol if you have a health problem. I’m not sure if I spelled marinol right, but it’s THC in a pill basically. You could do pot brownies too. There are recipes online so you extract max THC from the plant with max flavor.

  7. use bongs to filter out chemicals thru water.
    you can use ice too.
    make pot bownies!
    one with coffee is a great way to start your day off!
    if you like your weed, don’t give up.
    just change your method of intake

  8. Oh my God yes!!!
    I like to close my eyes and Visualize stuff. Like a meatallic reflective pyramid all around me, spinning slowly. Or a softly glowing bubble of light all aroung me. Or a giant hand coming out of the sky (God) supporting me.
    Or draw a bath, light some candles and incense, put on some Billy Joel.
    Try to find a meditation group even. Try some metaphysical bookstores- they might have inexpensive classes.
    Better yet- substance abuse programs like AA and NA. Meditation is a large part of their system.

  9. If you mean the thing where weed makes you stop thinking about stuff too much, then yes. Meditation isn’t about NOT thinking. It’s about not following your thoughts and not getting too attached to them. Pay attention to your breathing and every time you think something new, just remind yourself it’s just a though. Now remind yourself that that thought is just a thought and go back to your breathing. Keep doing this and eventually you’ll start zoning and all the stuff on your mind will stop bothering you as much.
    If you’re talking about the euphoria…..well it’s not quite like it but:
    Fasting and sleep deprivation should do it. Honestly. Go 3 days without eating or drinking anything but water. It’s really not that bad after the first day.
    If this doesn’t work, don’t sleep too much either, and do yoga all at once, You’ll find euphoria. Try to make the stretches as intense as possible

  10. dude sign me up!!! this s h i t is getting old!!! but here I am packing a bowl cos a bong toke awaits!!!!!
    anyways to answer your question. Tylenol PM works for me. I figure I wont stay up late smoking up my stash only to convince myself having an english muffin with honey and butter at midnight is a good idea…
    dude I know how it is… sometimes I know I just gotta put the vice to rest….. to no avail though
    My trip is I dont smoke all the time I just absolutely need to know there is a bowl available when I want it. Thats my deal.
    so ya man… pop a Tylenol PM once in awhile…
    its all gravy train!!


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