Is there any form of meditation that does not involve any sort of spirituality?





I’ve browsed a few books and a few things online about meditation, but most if not all of them in one form or another involve spirituality. For example, one source said to burn incense but not to look too long at it because the burning would taint your soul or something like that.
Do you have any suggestions about where I can look into meditation tips that focus relieving stress and increasing focus in a practical fashion as opposed to a spiritual one?


  1. Spirit means air. Zen says that you inspire and, in the meanwhile, “great Spirit” or Atmosphere, espires within you, and conversely, in a permanent cycle, where spirituality maybe easily identified, and feeled, in a material sense. Generaly to look at etymologies give you “the true” and intuitive meaning of a word, and in this way preventing that you will go “on abstract clouds” of thoughts that are far from material reality and from the material origin of the word, and the correspondent idea…
    In looking at origins of meditation practices, I like to descend to shamanism, as the axis from all meditation techniques are coming from. By its simplicity, I like very much shamanism, as the way as you, make your spontaneous “acechar”, in Castaneda term, what in english would be translated as “watching for” or “to lie in wait for “. “Acechar” in your awake life, is parallel to “Enso??ar” (Castaneda Term) or Lucid dreamings, in the night…

  2. Mindfulness meditation is something that people of all spiritual backgrounds or no spiritual background can appreciate. It is even used in psychotherapy because it works and because it involves no imposing religious or spiritual beliefs. It can can also be done in any moment of the day in a everyday situations such as eating or walking. “Full catastrophe Living” by John Kabat-Zinn is a great book about mindfulness meditation. A quick internet search of the term mindfulness is an obvious place to start also.

  3. Spiritual meditation is, of course, spiritual. Meditation to get your brain waves to where you want them is totally not spiritual.

  4. Buddhist spiritually has invented number of meditations including the simplest breathing exercises. You can look it up for more info.
    Buddhist spirituality doesn’t involve supernaturals, rather striving to cultivate good behavior within yourself.
    In breathing meditation, you pay attention to your natural breathing in and out. After a while, you go in to a zone with only your attention to that and nothing else. It keeps you relaxed while doing it and bit afterwords too. To relieve stress completely, you need to train yourself how to identify your emotions and deal with them as they arise.
    –Buddhism is not a religion. It is an intelligent lifestyle.

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