Is there any evidence to suggest that telekinesis really exists?

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And if so,do you think it’s something people can learn to do?
Or is telekinesis a talent you are born with?

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Sorry it took so long for me to answer, I had to use my mind to bring my keyboard to me as I only had the mouse.
I think this is a talent that I….you’d be born with


This has been studied a long time, and there is some evidence. However, it seems to be limited to dubious statistical results from experiments that apparently are irreproducible, or at least have not been duplicated by independent labs yet. The two institutions that usually come up in this discussion are Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory (PEAR) and The Rhine Institute.
I included a link to a document below which summarizes the state of telekinesis research very well and is well referenced. It includes links to PEAR and Rhine so you can look those up for yourself, too. It should be an interesting read.

Steve H

TR’s link above IS really interesting. Well worth reading! I read the whole thing and learned a great deal about how people can fake themselves out with flawed experiments.


what i want to know is why it hasnt been proved


Telekinesis is now called Psychokinesis in the scientific research literature. Yes there is and has been since the 1930’s supporting evidence that psychokinesis exist.
It was first studied by J.B. Rhine in a scientific manner when a gambler came to Duke University and claimed he could influence the throw of dice.
I have provided several links below that will allow you to look at the actual research rather than the editorials offered by the skeptics.
All of the research certainly has it’s skeptics most of which can’t get published in peer reviewed science journals where the actual research is published.


Go to the bible and it says that Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains by the power of God.


Go to youtube and see this video for yourself. I remember reading about this lady back in the 1960’s.
Also what about Uri Geller?
Text from youtube:
Added: December 10, 2007
Ninel Kulagina went under the pseudonym of Nelya Mikhailova. She was born in Soviet Russia and appeared to display remarkable psychic abilities, including telekinesis/psychokinesis. In 1968, her videos were shown at the First Moscow International Conference on Parapsychology, giving visiting American parapsychologists a chance to smuggle some of the films out of the Soviet Union

Peter D

People who claim it can be done can’t do it. Neither has anyone else, EVER. What does that tell you?




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