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Is there any evidence that Astrology really predicts events?

The study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in in the sky might influence things and people on earth, I don’t know. Has a sound scientific study ever been done to show that Astrology does in fact have predictive value?


  • Please ask all of these people do they have really studies and learned astrology and then they are saying so? They have learned physics and they can comment on that. But as far as astrology goes, they all seems first graders and if you ask PhD question to first grader, it is what you will get.

    The best test is to go to a reputed astrologer and judge by yourself. You are also invited to write me an email and I’ll try to respond.

  • Yes, astrology predicts a lot of events. Sometimes, it even predicts things that would actually be surprising, instead of just “tomorrow will be Tuesday”. Any day now, one of these surprising predictions might actually come true.

    Serious, if you ask 10 astrologers, 5 will say that “you will get money tomorrow”, and 5 will say “you will not get money tomorrow”, or something like that. Then whatever happens, 5 of them will say, “see, I told you so”. And the other 5 will go on to the next gullible person.

  • There is no scientific proof or evidence that planets millions of kilometers away, or stars thousands of light years away, have ANY influence on humans or the planet Earth.

    Think about it – how can a pattern seen in the random arrangement of completely unrelated stars separated by possibly hundreds or thousands of light years, and the planets apparent position in those patterns, have any influence on Earth or human lives? The planets are not anywhere near the constellations they appear to move through – its purely a matter of perspective and viewing angles.

    Think about a candle a kilometer away from you – you can see the light (maybe), but that candle and the energy it produces can’t have any effect on you.
    Similarly with the planets and stars. There is no energy (other than the tiny TINY bit of light we see) that reaches the Earth – and that tiny TINY bit of light has less energy than a candle does from a kilometer away.

    A few other things to consider:
    – the Earth wobbles on its axis once in 25,000 years (called the precession of the equinoxes), so the sun has “moved” in the sky by one constellation since “astrology” was created 2,000 years ago. I was born in June, so I am a Gemini according to astrologers, but the sun was in Cancer when I was born.
    – before 1930, Pluto was not even known to exist. If Pluto actually influences Earth now, why didn’t it influence Earth before we knew it existed.

  • If you wanted to predict the future you’d have to start by considering the influences of all the people and things much closer to you than the stars. Besides, quantum mechanics says the future can’t be predicted. What if the multiple-universe theory is true? =D

  • of course there is.. but those might also be considered a co-incidence..
    we do this quite a lot in India, this astrology stuff..
    but i’m afraid most thing happens…
    i think the position of planets change the way how cosmic rays fall on us, that might be the reason for a change in luck!!! 🙂

  • the moon is a good one.
    I don’t think a true study has been conducted about all the planets and their influences on our behaviour. It should be done though. The ancients describe that we are indeed influenced by the planets. There is energy there….in the motions of the bodies through space interacting with the Sun’s gravitational pull and magnetic field. Which in turn would affect us…through weather. We know the Sun affects the earth’s weather. So there you go.
    There is geometry involved as well. Sacred geometry.

  • Astrology is a hoax! Planets and stars do not affect human lives or tendencies——— this is the ASTRONOMY section by the way —- which is “the scientific study of the universe”.

  • Scientific studies HAVE been done, and they’ve shown that even two people born at the same time in the same place (even twins) can have wildly differing lives. This pretty much leads inexorably to the conclusion that Astrology is a bunch of bologna.

  • Not that I know of.

    Astrology is a load of bull**** as far as I’m concerned. Also, wishing at 11:11 is sort of lame aswell. Most people I know say they wish at 11:11 and try to sound cute about it… it’s sort of over-the-top.

    Astrology is not true, in my opinion.

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