Is there any evidence of reincarnation being real?

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Sorta, but it’s all spotty.



Narx Pancake



Hitler believed in it.

they see me TROLLin' in my TROLLey

yes. my goldfish was previously jesus.


The same amount as any other supernatural claim. A lot of stories but nothing proven scientifically.

Donut Tim

Movies today use such great computer generated images that fantasy seems real. There are many imaginary things that can make enjoyable and exciting fiction stories.
Remember, these are NOT REAL:
Reincarnation, dragons, time traveling, Cupid, werewolves, genies, telepathy, mermaids, vampires, lucky numbers, tooth fairies, homeopathic healing, magic (of any color), leprechauns, spontaneous human combustion, astrological influences, Vulcan death grip, clairvoyants, astral traveling, Superman, angels, charmed or lucky objects, unicorns, hexes, space aliens on Earth, light sabers, paranormal anything, dead people walking around, fountain of youth, telekinesis, spirit guides… or supernatural events of any kind.


Life is already a cycle…. one cannot prove a past life, or a future life, but only the one they have at that moment.
But as the future comes on, who is going to fill the shoes, who is waiting? It simply cannot be proven nor refuted, just a deep thought.


Only personal accounts, which aren’t really admissible.

Special EPhex

Yes. It is called past life regression. You go into a meditative trance state where you witness a previous incarnation. The ‘you’ you experience in the regression is just as real as you are in this life. Many people are recommended to go to a regressionist to resolve a reoccurring problem or theme in this life. It can really be helpful. Sometimes it can be disturbing because of a bad past life or the experience is so far from what you commonly know. It is said that children often remember past lives because their minds are not full of worldly programming like adults and adolescents. There is a research program at the University of Duke on the subject and they have been find out what Eastern cultures and religions have already known for thousands of years.

Jedi Tabby

there is absolutely no evidence of what happens after our bodies die, no matter what your religion (or lack of) is.


Watched it happen under my nose. Goodbye Dad, hello Niece. Still piling on the bad karma. For a scholarly study, see


If one is left/allowed to rot on or in the Earth,microbes and maggots will eat the flesh and what is left by them will fertilize the ground with there poop and plants will thrive on the nutrients. Vegetarians and Herbivores will eat the plants, Carnivores and Herbivores will eat them.When they die the cycle repeats.

John the Buddhist

thats complicated, yeah kinda, but even though I believe in it, I don’t think what is passed as evidence is good enough to prove it. I don’t think science is ready to go there quite yet, but brain only theory is insufficient with what we now know about stuff and things

Martin T

I can remember past lives.
That does not prove reincarnation.
Something is going on, though.

Dr pushpinder k

No, it is not possible to provide an evidence in the physical plane of the existence,
I think, this belief depends more on individual assessment of the being
regarding certain facts that a higher level of awareness or consciousness reveals to the self.

Angela soul to one body, not one soul to multiple bodies. The soul adjoins the body (vessel) at conception and leaves the body upon death. The soul does not wait around until it can find another body to inhabit. Reincarnation is a ‘safety net’ for those that want assurance that they can gain salvation by coming back ad infinitum until they get it ‘right”. Dangerous philosophy. God bless.


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