Home Discussion Forum Is there any evidence at all supporting reincarnation?

Is there any evidence at all supporting reincarnation?

Did Jesus or Muhammed or any other non-buddhist/hindu spiritual teacher speak of reincarnation? and how does it exactly work? thanks


  1. No. None. None whatsoever. Just like there is no evidence at all the beliefs associated with Jesus or Muhammed are true.

  2. I can’t believe what I just read, lol.
    There have been some accounts of people claiming to have been reincarnated and having memories of their past lives.

  3. google dr. ian stevenson. he did some scientific studies on the subject, its interesting to say the least. he wasnt conclusive either way but definitely found some things worth questioning or looking into further.

  4. No.
    Souls do not exist (i.e. consciousness does not transcend death). Therefore, concepts of life after death (reincarnation, heaven and hell, etc.) are null.

  5. you die, yor soul goes to the other side. its processed on the path it walked. then it gets choices.
    but ultimately all souls are recycled and must be reborn into the earth.
    thats what sperm are. millions of souls ready to be reborn.

  6. Some….
    There have been several well documented cases of children that seem to have memories of someone else’s life, often in great detail, that have been confirmed.

  7. Books have been written on the subject. Some authors have researched it extensively and traveled the world to study it. Reincarnation can actually be studied with scientific methods. For example, Ian Stevenson went to the trouble to interview children about alleged past lives they should know nothing about, and then research the past lives of real people.
    The scientific community generally doesn’t give much attention to this and mostly demands more evidence than there is so far, although some studies actually have made it into science journals. I’m not sure exactly how conclusive the evidence is, I haven’t researched it all that thoroughly.

  8. Jesus as a Jew would have been familiar with reincarnation, as the idea exists in Judaism, it existed in Christianity until 345AD when it was forced out by Emperor Justinian (google Justinian and reincarnation).
    There is no proof of reincarnation although there is plenty of evidence supporting the idea.
    How would it work? I should imagine its based on the universal process that underlays all existence , and that is one of Cycles.

  9. No. Hebrews 9:27 states a man lives once and then comes the judgment. The idea of reincarnation is that a person lives one life after the other in an attempt to become better in each life. Once a good life is finally attained can reach heaven. Problem is….what purpose did it serve Jesus to die? He perfected us through his death….so we don’t need one life after another. Also, there are demons who can trick you, they know a person’s past and can give them accurate information that may have happened to appear real. I used to believe in it myself.

  10. no evidence at all, anywhere.
    Jesus spoke against it. He said when your flesh body dies it decomposes and you soul and spirit return to the Father that created and gave it.
    i wouldn’t know about muhammad because i don’t study islam. also i am not even sure muhammad existed. i am completely positive he is not a prophet or messenger of God. so even if he did speak of reincarnation i wouldn’t take his word for anything. after all he married a 6 year old and had sex with her when she was 9.
    it doesn’t work at all. no one has ever been reincarnated to live on this earth again.

  11. In The book of Hebrews (9:27) in the new testament, it says,”Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement,…
    The Bible is clear that man dies once. That infers that man has only one physical birth.


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