Home Discussion Forum Is there any concrete evidence of reincarnation or?

Is there any concrete evidence of reincarnation or?


  1. I cant resist this one! Sure there’s evidence! I know a woman who is a cow now, and was one in India in a former life… just kidding.

  2. NO! It doesn’t exist. Though people continue to believe there is, they are wrong. Read your Bible, child. There are two things that are guaranteed, God & Heaven, and The devil and Hell. We have to pick one. If you are not of God and you are not a Born Again Christian, then you are a child of the devils and your soul will go to Hell. There are not ANY OTHER CHOICES or options. We do not die and come back as something else. That is the stupidest theory. Your soul goes to Heaven or it goes to Hell.
    I hope you make up your mind before it’s too late to choose God and enjoy eternity in Heaven. I’ll pray for you.
    Reverend Shelley

  3. There isnt concrete evidence. Just sit down, pray hard and give your soul to the merciful lord and he will take away your doubts.

  4. NO! The only things guaranteed are death and taxes.
    Your heaven and hell are right here while alive.
    If your fortunate you enjoy life more then misery.

  5. Depends what the “or” in this question is. If it’s “bridges”, then the answer is yes, there is concrete evidence of reincarnation or bridges. If it’s “the Loch Ness Monster” then I’m afraid the answer is no, much as I’d love it to be yes, unless of course I was reincarnated as the Loch Ness Monster, in which case I’ll go with my first choice of answer.

  6. Seriously, there is evidence of reincarnation. You need to investigate it through books or the internet, and not just dismiss it out of hand.
    There have been cases of a child born in one village who insisted that he had recently been a full-grown man in another city, for instance, and was able to remember all details of his previous life. When taken to that city, he knew the streets, recognized his relatives, and could fully recount everything he did there even on the day he died.
    There are dozens and dozens of such stories, fully documented.
    In America, if a four-year-old insists that he was a soldier, or he was a killed by a train or some such thing, his parents hush him up and tell him never to say that again. How do we know he didn’t recall a past life?


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