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Is there any clear dividing line between magic, voodoo and what people call prayer? How should we be praying?

If one believes in prayer, can’t it be used for both good and evil?
Some studies have shown that we can increase the healthiness of bacterial cultures, increase the healing of wounds in animals, germination rate of seeds [through positive intention]. Or one can produce the opposite effects in all the same instances [through negative intention].
A Spiritualist from England once said, “There is no essential difference between sticking pins into a wax image of an enemy and burning candles before a wax image of the Virgin Mary.”
Prayer is wrapped up with a sense of ritual, our sense of sacredness, our sense of connection with a higher power. But so too is magic. Most people who do magic believe that they are appealing to a higher power. The connection between prayer and ritual and magic as intention. It’s the thought, the wish, the desire behind the act.
Isn’t it easy to slip into using prayer to cover up your own hidden agenda for good or evil?


  1. Each to his or her own
    And no matters what group of people you want to or belong to they each will say that they
    Are the only way to be
    And when mankind has his or her hand in the pot all gets screwed up


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