Is there any association (or even many belifes) with reading Tarot cards and the devil?

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My dad doesnt want me to read tarot cards because he says many people belive its associated with the devil.. is this true?

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don’t worry.




The devil likes all card games. He’s a fan of Uno, so burn your Uno cards.

Pangel - Love and Peace

not many people who do tarot cards actually believe in the devil
but the tarot themself do not belong to any one religion
but those within religions such as Spiritualism , Wicca etc are more likely to use tarot
tarot are just cards … that is all
the pictures are interpreted by those who use them
there is nothing demonic about pieces of card with pictures on them


In the Islamic view, we have been told to stay away from anything which may involve magic or divination or seeking information from fortune tellers as it is an act of kufr (or disbelief) and there both dangerous and a sin

Star Danser [Star Shine's]

Just because people believe something, that doesn’t mean it’s true. I think most of the Atheists on here would agree with me on that one.
Edit @ wohaz: Yes, the Devil card and the Death card really seem to set off the fundies.


I am assured by some of my friends that this is true. Some of my friends used to read Tarot cards but burned them because of association with devil, so they say.


it is, its a source of seeing the future, which leads into magic then satnic traits, then next thing ur a satanic…. dont do it,

wohaz in wonderland

its true that many people associate them with the devil.
this is because of card 15(i think).
the fact of the matter is that it uses partly western symbology in most decks.
the devil happens to be one of them.


yes it is just like witchcraft..


he might be getting it confused with the Ouija board.

Lisa G

For the super christians that believe divining is of this ‘devil’ dude, then yeah they’ll shun tarot cards too. Otherwise, most people see it as a way to entertain themselves. Few take it seriously.


No, the tarot is a card game developed around the middle ages. Its symbolism is not arcane nor occult. Even the christian bible taught or oracles and those who could read signs in the sky. Christians have an evil eye because they see only evil where ever they look.


In the Judeo-Christian belief system such things are controlled by the demon world.
So your dad is correct if he is a Christian.
Now, you can imagine that God knows the future – and so does Satan – so any future telling is either from God or Satan.
The Old Testament is not in favor of such things as witches or fortune telling or Tarot cards.

Rev. Lynn D.

There is absolutely no association between Tarot cards and the Devil who I don’t even believe in by the way. I have been reading for 18 years and during that time have helped hundreds of people who were having problems and needed advice.
Nothing evil or bad has ever happened to me or anyone I know having anything to do with Tarot. Anything you do with a pure heart will not be evil.


No, the tarot cards don’t have any power unto themselves. You can find out more about tarot cards and how to read them in my free e-course, Psychic Tarot Reading. You can find it here:
Hope this helps!


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