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Is there an online store that sells magical items, not tricks, such as talismans, charms, ect?

There is so much crap on the internet. There used to be a store in NYC called Magical Child but I can’t find a listing anymore. A place that sells stuff to perform real magic?


  1. You do understand that magic isn’t real, right? There is no such thing as fairies or unicorns or wizards or angels or gods or hobbits.

  2. I do not shop for anything online when it comes to ritual use… because I have no idea as to the authenticity and/or any history of the item. (I have a friend that thought they were getting Kyphi and instead got a packet of potpourri!)
    The Magical Childe is no longer around???? Dang…
    You can try http://www.wicca.com, but I would suggest trying to look for Magickal goods in real life first.

  3. Magic comes from within my child.You don’t need athames and chalices. just get in a store of candles and good incense ( recommend Everything Akasha online)
    That is all you need to focus and then bring into power your good intent.

  4. answer: Azure Green and others will sell you TOOLS. The items aren’t magical, it’s the energy you put into them, the focus you use them for and the energy you send out that is magical.

  5. interesting that your profile says you are a Catholic and yet you are posting questions asking where you could find “magical things” which are considered as witchcraft in the Catholic faith…perhaps you should re-read a pamphlet on the Catholic faith?


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