Is there an infinite dimension between our limited one(s)?

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Is this what Jesus calls the “Kingdom of Heaven.” ?
A living, unseen dimension with unlimited possibilities that only our subconscious mind can completely connect with. Is that where we go or merely what we see when we dream?

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Woah..jumping into conclusions there buddy..
”If there are infinite dimensions, then those dimensions must be Heaven”
Makes no sense, try again.


Quantum astrophysicists have calculated that there are 11 dimensions, and the 11th is where the “big bang” came from.
They’re not certain if the other seven dimensions are external to ours, contain ours, or are rolled up within ours.

theo the cod BTFH

Whoa there, don’t go running away with an idea and create your own meanings for it. If string theory, M theory and all that, are correct then all of the other dimensions are not external to this universe but part of the fabric of it. Don’t go making spaces for heaven when there ain’t one there.


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