is there an easy way to awaken my kundalini?

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any way to rise kundalini energy easily?

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kundalini is best with a light tomato sauce.


yoga, down dog position


Just shake it and say “Wake up kundalini! Time for school!”

Shaz gone wild

meditation while visualizing it….

Miss Cyran

awaken your WHAT?


You could try shouting up your bum.
Best done in private, of course.

Sam L

Always do grounding work before any exercise to prevent permanent neurological damage.
As a Christian, I do not condone this, but I said the previous to save your life.
Check out “Running Against the Wind” by Brian Flynn first will ya?

Bhavin D

Find a TRUE Guru and he can awaken it in seconds. (The proof of awakening must be there and not an imagination).
Other methods exist but they tend to be slower. They are
1) Use of Mantras
2) Yoga and Pranayama
3) Good works done selflessly for long times
4) Devotion to God done with self surrender.
The safest and fastest way is through a true Guru! However, in this day and age there are too many charlatans who make false claims. At present, there are only a few True Gurus who can do it. 99% of them cannot do it although they make claims. The sign of an awakened Kundalini are many. Email if you wish to know.


drink a bunch of coffee

Johnny Cahill

Twenty years agoI achieved a state of mind that can only be described as a spiritual experience……all the research I have done to explain this experience leaves me in no doubt that I had achieved a state referred to as “Kundalini”….It was terrifying and the most beautiful experience of my life….I did not plan for it to happen nor was I on any medication or illegal substances…It removed any doubt as to my position in this universe…..would love to share this knowledge with someone who knows what they are talking about……The feeling can best be described as a feeling of being part of the universe or like an electron speeding through the cosmos while at the same time being aware that this is the ultimate human experience…ie realising that you are part of the universe….It is a feeling I havent had since and would warn against trying any short cuts……as I’m quite sure that serious psychological damage could result……I am not religeous but do believe in the power of the human mind.This power I intend to use to give me peace of mind and stress free future


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