Home Discussion Forum is there an easier way to do telepathy.?

is there an easier way to do telepathy.?

easier way to send and easier way to recieve messages.


  1. yes. two people sit back to back. One person is reiever, the other is sender. the reciever closes their eyes and pictures the senders face, then going into the brain. The sender closes their eyes and pictures a shape then thinks it over and over again then imagine its going into the recievers brain.
    -A dark room may work better
    -start with shapes then build up to colors, ect.

  2. It helps if your close to that person
    someone your around a lot.
    many people do it but don’t even realize.
    Example ” when you think the same as your friend”, “when you know what the other is going to say”, “completing sentences”
    here’s what you can do
    2 people, you and someone else in a quiet room
    pick one word to “send to the other” try picking a category first like names or places.
    Sit back to back or side by side.. just be close.
    If you can get the messages correctly start picking random stuff w.o categories or pick phrases.


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