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Is there an after-life or do we just lose consciousness for all eternity?

Having lost my girl-friend suddenly recently l find this question is more and more on my mind.
My mates mother passed away tonight as well. So death seems to be big in my life at the moment


  1. dude you go to heaven if you belive in God and live a good life and worship him if not and you sin and not asmk for forgivness or dont belive you go to hell easy as that

  2. well it would be nice if there was some pillow cloud in the sky for all of us, but listen don’t base your belief and understanding of where a loved one goes after death on some strangers opinion. I do not believe in god heaven satan or hell, i believe in me and my friends family and nature. If it makes it easier on yourself to believe she is in heaven then believe that.

  3. Personally I would love to believe there was an afterlife. However, I believe that when you die…that’s it.
    AS the last poster said, however, you can’t base your belief on what answerers tell you. You need to figure thisn out for yourself, by what you feel in your guts, accept it, and move on.
    I am sorry you lost your girlfriend and I hope you find some peace.

  4. When we lose consciousness there is no awareness of the passage of time…..it is like a deep sleep…..therefore…..eternity does not last long, it’s just a good night’s sleep that knows no time. We live in eternal time and in that realm all things impossible are certain to happen and that’s why I am here and you are here to ask your question. Accordng to Buddhism, and Hinduism, of which I am a firm and convinced believer, there will be another meeting of you and your loving friend, because in an infinite universe, all the impossibilities are certain to happen. Peace to you and all you love and have loved.

  5. Even though there are many religeons with differing views, the only source is the BIBLE and it is plain and clear. GOD breathed life into Adam and he became a living soul, hence, was a dead soul. The Bible also says that dying is like a somber sleep. It also states in a blink of an eye we will see JESUS. It talks extensively in the BIBLE about this. Like when you go to bed, did you know that 8 hours past, no you did not. The same is true when we die, it is as if all are assleep, whether adam , Enoch Paul, peter, you me, does not matter is all the same in time as we are sleeping. But when Christ returns HE will raise us up, all eyes shall hear and see him. That last line was paraphrased. Look in the Bible for yourself in any concordance listing for the dead, death etc…. Email at jfongemie@yahoo.com if I can help and I shall pray that you find comfort and GOD BLESS!

  6. Heard of Pam Reynolds; Leslie Flint?
    Google them up and there’ll be some slam dunk clues for you.
    Sorry about your girlfriend, but I believe she is closer to you than you can possibly imagine.


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