Is there an active group that practices zen meditation in San Antonio?

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I am new to zen and would like to learn more through lecture and group meditation. I just don’t know how active this community is in San Antonio. Thanks!

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Gorgeoustx V.T. Spurs Fan!

I have no idea but I would contact the Buddhist “Church” on Babcock close to Hollyhock.
There is a Unitarian church on I10 @ 410. They might be able to help.
I went to that Buddhist church on Babcock one Sunday, I think you should start there.


There appear to be three Zen groups in San Antonio:
The San Antonio Zen Center (Japanese Soto Zen) at 1112 S. St. Mary’s is affiliated with the Austin Zen Center. The center doesn’t have contact information (that I could find). Contact them through the Austin group:
There are two Thich Nhat Hanh (Vietnamese Zen) centers in San Antonio:
– Sangha del Corazon (83 Campden Circle). For information, email Bonnie Flake at
– The Wholeness Center (469 East Olmos Drive). For information, email Sid Kemp at
Hope this helps!

Laurie Haley

San Antonio Zen re-located two+ years ago to:
1442 West Woodlawn, SATX 78201
Phone: 210 257-8383
We hold services all during the week. Our schedule is on our website at:
Hope to see you there!


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